Saturday, March 31, 2007

Two seconds between meetings

Really I've got about 20 minutes, so I scurried up to our hotel room, hoping against hope that Richard would be here and I could at least get groped up, if not a quickie (he's not much of a quickie guy; our quickies tend to morph into...what's the opposite of quickie?)

He's not here. Wah. That's why I'm posting a quick blog update instead.

****Serious disruption to blogging caused by Richard coming back to the room and jumping me*****

We're in New Orleans and, wow, this is serious Sin City. So far we've gotten: clover clamps (for nipples), a micro mini schoolgirl skirt, fishnet stockings and...A CORSET (pics to come)!!!

Oh, also a whole bunch of Gor books from a used bookstore. Richard says we can sell them on eBay for a fortune, but I'm keen to read them myself. I'm assuming anyone into D/s knows Gor, but for those who don't: it's a series written in I think the 60s and 70s about a planet where women are slaves and men are warriors. Badly written, over the top dramatic, but also dead sexy. My parents had one of them - Slavegirl of Gor, I think - and I read it while still a sprite. One of those early "aha" experiences, when you realize that you aren't like other girls...

More later!

Schoolgirl Skirt and Nipple Clamps

Busy weekend, more to report on later, but last night I got Amy a very short schoolgirl skirt and some Japanese Butterfly style nipple clamps. The regular nipple clamps keep pulling off during the lightest of our rough play, which is pretty frustrating.

Good night last night, although we didn't manage to actually get the nipple clamps out of the package. The skirt we managed to get her into.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Amy in Her Bikini

A shot from the weekend, with Amy sitting by the pool in her bikini.

By the Pool

Just one shot from last weekend, with more stories to follow shortly as well.

Not to mention the adventures coming up on THIS weekend ahead.

Road Trip


Without going into too much detail, Amy and I spent the weekend involved with some of her people at work, in a situation that gave us virtually no privacy.

A road trip, as such.

A trip to a remote area, with a pool, so it's not like we were savagely roughing it, but a few inconveniences nonetheless.

Like not sleeping in privacy.


The first night, we achieved a brief, quiet, surreptitious penetration, but not the actual satisfaction of genuine fucking, although I played with Amy's nipples until she had a little orgasm from that.

The following night, we took a little detour between locations.

We drove down past a "Closed - No Through Traffic" sign into a little cul-de-sac, in an abandoned construction area for a real estate development that didn't pan out. We stopped and turned out the lights as twilight gathered, and broke out a bottle of red wine. No glasses, so we just drank it straight out of the bottle, like a couple of teenagers on Saturday Night in their parent's car. From our vantage point, we could see in all directions. No one could sneak up on us, but then we weren't exactly hidden from anybody with curiosity, and an inkling to investigate.

Amy figured she'd give me a quick bit of oral, to catch me up on the mini orgasm she'd enjoyed the night before, and we started like that, but before too long I had her jeans off, and her sitting on my lap in the front seat with her lace boy cut panties pulled to one side, fucking as she alternately whimpered and looked out the windows, afraid that someone would see her.

Soon it grew dark enough to shield us from onlookers, and I opened the door and stripped Amy down to nothing but her panties, and fucked her standing as she bent over, her face in the seat of the vehicle, making her wonderful sounds, and her hand s clutching at anything in reach.

You should have seen her ass in the moonlight, with those lace panties pushed to one side as I fucked her - phenomenal!

This position allowed for much more satisfactory usage of her body, and partway through I became distracted by a bright light over my head. I looked up in the sky, and this intense light, as bright as the moon but only one tenth the size or so, was very slowly shifting to the right in the sky above me, like a massive disk that was slowly expanding, and slipping to one side. It didn't belong there, and it took me a moment to realize that this was a meteor coming almost directly towards us. I grabbed Amy, by the shoulder or hair, I forget which, and tried to pull her up so she could see it, but she mistook my sudden exclamations of excitement as evidence that we had been discovered, and instead buried herself as much as she could out of sight.

The fireball swelled, then burst into a shower of tiny sparks, and then went out. I calmed Amy, and made further use of her, until we decided we had stolen all the time alone together we dared, and drove back to rejoin the others.

I made Amy drive part of the way wearing just the lace panties, just for the erotic novelty of it.

Not sure she enjoyed it as much as I did, however.

Crime and Punishment


Punishment is completed.

Good girl.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I've been very bad

This has been a very challenging week. We had our first real disagreement on Thursday, then went away on a business trip from Friday through Monday. We had another minor disagreement over the weekend, brought on I think by not having any alone time at all. I guess we are well past vanilla, given that even 3 days of pure vanilla interactions made us very edgy and irritable.

I say pure vanilla, but we still managed to have crazy sex a couple of times a day; once at sunset, both of us standing outside the van with my face pushed into the passenger seat. Richard saw a huge shooting star but couldn't get me up from the seat fast enough to see it. :( Another time on a couch and WE ALMOST GOT WALKED IN ON OMFG. Richard was amused, I was horrified.

But I digress. I have been very bad. Seriously. I did not tell Richard about something important that happened to me, because it had to do with a past relationship and it was embarrassing. It has been torturing me that I hadn't told him about it, and I finally did today (and do NOT email and ask what it was, cuz I will NOT tell you. honest. too embarrassing.)

He was wonderful. I was scared that he was going to break up with me and I was crying like crazy and he was so wonderful. He told me that he loved me and he knew who I was and that no matter what, he still owned me and that wasn't going to change.

We talked about it for a while, and then I ASKED FOR A PUNISHMENT.

I can't believe I did that. First of all, I am so NOT a masochist. Also, I try hard to behave well AND I have a proud streak a mile wide. So asking for a punishment - I really never thought that would happen. But I so want to be over feeling guilty about this, that I asked for a punishment.

What a dumb idea. Asking a sadist for a punishment. What on earth was I thinking?

Here's the punishment. Remember I'm still a bit anxious about anal intercourse? And we've only done it four times?

My punishment is: I don't get to cum again until he has cum in my ass.

Which he has never done.

Which he has seldom ever done in his life.

Which means that I will be begging him to fuck me in the ass.

Which I could never in my wildest imaginings have imagined myself doing.

In fact, I got a spanking today because he was fucking me (NOT in my ass, just to torment me) and I said "you're not going to cum in my pussy, are you?", hoping that he would flip me over and cum in my ass. This was seen as disrespectful, and I can see how it was seen that way.

Harumph, nonetheless. Looks like another challenging week is ahead of me.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Soft Nipple


Here is that pic of Amy's soft nipple I talked about in the last post. It's hard to see here, but it's entirely soft and relaxed, the first time I had ever seen it that way.

Soft Nipple

Couldn't resist stealing this shot as she read a magazine...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Misunderstandings, Soft Nipples, and Amy's Ass


An interesting day, and one of some significant achievements.

First of all, Amy and I got irritated with each other during a discussion of civil rights vs. personal security. Ironically, we actually have very similar views, but differing debate styles that led to an unfortunate misunderstanding. We made up almost immediately, but it was on my mind, especially since Amy felt really sad about feeling she was a disappointment to me. Which is doubly silly, because I am typically the more difficult to get along with. (Duh).

Anyhow, that evening we had some new rope, and I was working on tying a Karada around her when she felt over heated. We moved outside into cooler air, but then she felt faint, so we moved inside and let her rest on the couch.

I felt we should stop, but Amy was insistent that we continue, and this is where I made a serious mistake. Knowing that she felt bad already for fear of disappointing me, I decided to continue with the Karada, even though I didn't want too, because I didn't want Amy to feel upset.

Amy continued to feel faint though, so we stopped, but I was upset with myself for continuing, when I didn't want to, just because I didn't want to upset her. We talked about it after, because to me it was dangerously close to an enabling behavior pattern I have been prey to in the past - -overriding my own carefully thought out decisions because my partner wanted me too.

This time I recognized it, and discussed it, and I made it clear to Amy that I had made a mistake, and that in the future I would not allow other considerations to induce me to overrule decisions that I feel are correct, and appropriate.

We did have a wonderful evening, with Amy barely dressed in a thin t-shirt and a sarong, watching "Roman Holiday" and eating cold roast chicken and Amy's homemade sourdough bread with our fingers, while enjoying a bottle of wine.

After that, I stripped her entirely nude, then put on her new collar that we picked up earlier for her at PetSmart, and she laid on my lap on the couch while we talked about the day. After Amy became slightly chilled, I allowed her to cover herself with the sarong, but not to put any clothing actually on. At one point, the sarong slipped down and revealed her left nipple, and I pulled it down further, to reveal both nipples. For me, this was exciting, because Amy's nipples are continually at one level of arousal or another, and at this moment they were both actually quite soft, and I pointed it out to her.

Amy became embarrassed, and tried to cover her breasts, and I wouldn't allow her to do so, and watched as her nipples grew hard with her embarrassment in just a few seconds. Quite a thrill, watching them pucker into a wonderfully erect hardness as I watched, almost like a time lapse photography. I saw them soft once last week as well, and quietly took a picture without alerting her, because that was the first time I had seen them like that. I will post that picture here shortly.

Amy's breasts and nipples are incredibly responsive, sexually, and I'll have a separate post in the future just about that. I am so used to seeing them erect, it's hard to even imagine what they look like soft.

Anyway, we went to sleep, Amy sleeping for the first time in her collar, and in the early morning I woke Amy, played with her nipples as she struggled a bit against the feeling, then decided to take her anally again. The last time after I played with Amy's ass, I noticed that she has a pattern of feeling stressed when I handle her ass or explore her asshole, even just on the outside, because she is afraid I will do anal with her. So I promised her the next time I fucked her ass I would make it a pain free experience for her.

As best I know, this time was indeed fairly painless for her, and I really enjoyed seeing her face pressed into the bed, the collar around her neck for the first time, my hands on her hips and my cock slowly fucking her ass in the pale light coming through the window. It occurred to me that she would look good with a thong tanline on her ass, so I will get her an extremely skimpy bikini to sunbathe in, and we'll see some nice tanlines on her ass soon. I want her to sunbathe topless, so her breast tanlines will be far less pronounced, but I think her body will look hot both front and back with thong tanlines. Plus, Amy has never worn a thong bikini, and I think it would be a good experience for her, even if only for sunbathing.

Now that the weather is warming too, I will have her spending more evenings entirely naked, in her collar, as well.

Fourth time's a charm

I suppose I will eventually quit keeping track of the number of times I've been ass-fucked. But not yet.

Last night Richard put on my new collar, and then had me sleep in it. Ooooo it's so pretty! It's pale blue with rhinestones, and it has a little pink heart tag with my name and Richard's cell phone number on it. He says that's in case I get lost, someone can bring me back to him.

It made me feel very owned and very submissive. I woke up several times during the night and felt it around my neck and I felt so happy, so content.

We actually slept through the night without fucking (seriously, this is I believe a first in over a month!), but at 6 am Richard woke up and decided to fuck me in the ass.

A few days ago he had spoken to me about how trepidatious I act when he starts playing with me there. He was concerned about it, because he planned to continue to do anal, and he didn't want it to be a bad experience for me. So he said he was going to take it very, very slowly the next time, and he would make sure that it didn't hurt at all.

I didn't tell Richard, but I had a bit of a talk with myself after that. I realized that I needed an attitude adjustment. Even though I have been enjoying anal (all 3 previous times), I have been anxious about it because it is a bit uncomfortable at the beginning each time. Also, I think it still seems a bit...out there, dirty, beyond maybe I *shouldn't* enjoy it.

So I told myself that from now on, when Richard starts to play with my ass, I was just going to relax and enjoy it. No pulling away, no moaning, no re-directing (grin).

Which I did, this morning. I wouldn't say he went "very, very slowly", as he had said he would. Unless 5 minutes of foreplay is "very, very slowly", which it mostly isn't in this household. (hehe I may get in trouble for that comment!)

And it was great. I relaxed and when it was a teensy bit uncomfortable I told him and he slowed down and gave me a chance to catch my breath. After a few minutes it felt wonderful. It's so hot, on my knees with my face in the sheets, my ass in the air and him pounding away at me. Purrrrrrrrrrrr. I could have easily thrown the alarm through the window this morning.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fucking Amy


Midnight. Amy is lying beside me again tonight, sleeping. Fucked out, and resting. She woke once to go pee again, and I play briefly with her breasts and nipples as she settles back in again smiling beside me. I see the shape of her nude body under the duvet as she stirs again, awaking confused and asking me what is happening. She knows I plan to wake her and fuck her again before morning, but not yet, and I let her slide back to sleep.

We went to bed early tonight; Amy wasn't feeling good and wanted to rest. Watching her get undressed, she had on matching red lace panties and bra. Very tempting. But she's not feeling good, so I passed on the temptation, and let her sleep up in the bed beside me.

Not sure how things started, but I think she actually woke me up a few hours later. A long, slow exploration, with my hands paying extra attention to her ass cheeks, then pinning her down and playing with her breasts, as she began to writhe and moan with the rough handling of her nipples.

I felt very tired, and only half awake, more in a mood to control her than to use her, so I sent her off to pee. She hates that - she has to ask permission whenever she wants to pee, which she has now gotten used to, but when I make her pee it still has a very powerful effect on her.

She comes back to the bed feeling different. Embarrassed, and subdued. Not nearly as openly excited as when I had been toying with her just before, but I know her well enough to know that the wild child is still just beneath the surface.

Amy's AssAmy's sexy barely clad ass that I played with tonight.

I take her back in my arms, and begin to play with her body again, playing with her ass, separating her ass cheeks and stroking and squeezing along her ass crack, and manhandling her breasts. I tease her about being embarrassed briefly, but then begin to work more on building her need. Holding her, pinning her down, kissing her neck.

Before long she is openly aroused; not yet willing to beg me to fuck her, but reaching over and gripping my leg, wriggling, and panting quietly.

I flip her over onto her belly, and drag her ass into the air toward me. Her favorite position, and one that I know builds her need to cum. I press my cock into her wetness, and she buries her face in the bedding.

We fuck.

She moans, and reaches between her legs repeatedly to play with my cock, and to hold my balls as I fuck her from behind. She wants me to cum in her, though she doesn't say so, but she knows it's hard for me to fight it off when she plays with me like this.

And she's right. It is hard to keep from cumming for a few brief moments, but I hold it off and continue fucking her. She makes quiet moans, very unlike the ones she makes when I fuck her in the missionary position. Those moans sound almost surprised, as if with each thrust she is startled to realize that I am still fucking deep into her; quiet little delicate cries before the wildness takes over, and she begins to bite and claw.

From behind she usually begs, whimpering to be fucked, or asking "please please please." I don't know what she is asking for. She doesn't either - she never remembers saying it, it just flows from some primal place of submission whenever I fuck her from behind, my hands gripping her pelvic girdle and pulling her back hard onto my cock as I fuck her.

I tease her about being my slut, and ask her if she needed to fuck like this. I force the admission from her; she does not ever willingly admit her need.

We fuck until exhaustion, and I lay beside her stroking her body, placing my knee between her legs and inviting her to press her pussy against my knee if she needs relief, as I twist her nipples hard, making her writhe and anxious to fuck more. Cruelly I forbid her to touch herself, as I feel her need to cum growing.

My fingers dance along her pussy, teasing, and I suck on her nipples. Amy can cum from just having her nipples teased, so her arousal is extreme, and she begs for me to touch her clit, or to let her touch it.

I take her hands and force her to touch all around her pussy, but do not allow her to touch her clit. Her clit is off limits. She whimpers with frustration, but obeys, her own fingers now driving her need higher. She bites my shoulders, probably unaware of what she is doing, as she has done before.

I taunt her.

Then I let her play with her clit, but refuse to let her cum. I force her to masturbate, but don't let her cum, and she wriggles and writhes and gasps. I want to see if she can cum with my cock in her, and we try that briefly, but it forces her legs too wide, and I am unhappy with the results, so I make her masturbate while I lie alongside her and play with her tits, telling her what sexy tits she has.'

She hates the word "tits."

I manhandle her tits roughly, humiliating and exciting her, and she masturbates frantically. She pleads for me to allow her to cum, but I take my time, then I tell her to cum, or I will punish her by making her sleep on the floor, which she knows I am anxious to make her do. I demand that she cum now, or be punished.

A few more tense moments as she urges herself towards release, and then suddenly she cums.

Loudly, this time, and writhing on the bed. I am surprised; usually she goes rigid, and cums in dead, intense silence, the ripples flowing over her body, but this time she cums moaning and holding her cunt, legs squeezed together as she rocks back and forth.

I force her legs open, and enter her as she feels the aftershocks, and begin to fuck her again. Normally I would cum in her, but I am too tired tonight. I slow, and hold her, the two of us whispering to each other was we slowly come to a halt amid gentle kisses and happy smiles.

It's been an hour and a half.

She lies beside me now, nude, sleeping and breathing deeply. When I finish this post, I will reach over for her, my hands playing across her ass, my fingers and lips on her nipples, and I will press her down onto her back, open her legs with my knee, and fuck her again.

The night is dark and silent, and I feel her body beckon.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Cleaning Lady


I’m pretty comfortable with the various toys and implements around bdsm. I’ve been involved in play and as a photographer for a while, and the sight of bondage cuffs, a whip or a riding crop are fairly standard for me. Plus, I’ve been out about my involvement in it for a long time, so I’m fairly casual about these things.

Not so for Amy.

A newcomer to bdsm related activities, it’s only been in the last year that she has discovered a personal interest, and has no experience in dungeon settings, for example, and still feels quite shy about her own involvement. And yet she's got to be one of the boldest, bravest women I know in almost anything else. It's like she's got this one, and only one, shy spot.

On the way to our first meeting, I picked up a few things to play with. Nothing too shocking, wrist cuffs, riding crop, nipple clamps - all quite simple and standard play items,

On the first morning, Amy discovered them on the desk, and very sweetly tidied up the room and moved them to a drawer, so that the cleaning staff wouldn’t discover them when they came and made up the room.

I noticed that the thought of the cleaning staff finding these items disturbed her, although it would never have occurred to me to put them out of sight. I mean, it’s the cleaning staff, they’ve seen everything already, I’m sure, and who really cares if the cleaning staff sees your stuff? It’s not like they are going to call your parents and rat on you.

Amy in Transparent Panties
Amy on the bed at our first meeting

I got the stuff out late one night, the night of the photo shoot, and the evening stretched, as they all did, far into the night.

The next morning, we headed out for breakfast, without giving much thought to the disarray in the room. After breakfast, we went back to the room to pick up the camera, ad the cleaning lady, who we had talked to previously a few times, was in there vacuuming. As Amy waited in the hall, cheerily greeting the cleaning lady, I gathered up the camera and talked to the cleaning lady briefly as well.

We returned a half hour later, and Amy slipped into the bathroom, while I wandered into the room. I noticed the box the Astroglide came in empty on the table, and thought that was an interesting thing for the cleaning lady to have encountered. Then a thought struck me, and I looked about the room.


The Astroglide itself sat on one bedside table, on the other the nipple clamps, and on the floor the bed a 30-foot rope lay half untied. The riding crop laid along side the wardrobe. It occurred to me that this situation might be distressing to Amy.

The bathroom door opened, and I remarked to her that the condition of the room was rather unusual. Amy stood for a moment just inside the door, trying to understand me, then suddenly, without looking into the room, her eyes went wide and her mouth dropped.

With a shriek she ran back into the bathroom, and hide betweenthe door and the wall, “No no no no no no no,” she wailed, her hands over her face.


I had judged correctly, the situation was indeed distressing to Amy. I found her behind the door, and comforted her the best I could while trying so hard not to laugh. For the next few minutes I heard nothing but horrified sounds from her, mixed with shocked laughter and disbelief that such a horrible, horrible thing had happened.

The room, as left by the cleaning lady, with the offending items in place.

Finally, she collected herself enough to finally leave the bathroom, and go back out into the room. Upon seeing the offending articles, she threw herself onto the bed and buried her face in her hands, keening quietly about the unfairness of life.

Being the helpful kind of guy that I am, I began painting out loud the actual scenario under which the cleaning lady had seen the items, and what she had thought as she had discovered them. Oddly enough, this just brought on more horrified exclamations, mixed with anguished laughter.

Amy remembered that we had walked in on the poor cleaning lady, blocking her terrified flight from the room, as I helpfully pointed out. “And who knows, even now, what she is telling the people at the head desk, and other workers?” Apparently not a calming thought.

Eventually, she calmed down, seeming to think that maybe the cleaning lady hadn’t known what the nipple clamps were, and a rope could be anything, and the riding crop was lying by the wardrobe, not in a place where she would vacuum. At least, she hadn’t seen the wrist cuffs, because those left no doubt as to their purpose.

I noticed a towel lying on the floor, and wondered why our usually fastidious cleaning lady had not picked up this one, stray towel. What possible reason could there be for leaving this towel in the room alongside the bed? I picked it up myself, and shared the good news with Amy. No doubt, the cleaning lady had indeed picked up the towel, and then replaced it.

Hidden underneath were the wrist restraints.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

If it's Tuesday, it must be bondage

I'm sitting on the couch, watching an old John Wayne movie. I'm a little uncomfortable, because I'm in a (just a sec, I have to ask Richard) rope body harness. I think there is a Japanese name for it too. But Richard is engrossed in "Angel and the Bad Man" so he's not being very helpful. I'll add a link to a picture later.

This is the first time I've been tied up. Richard has tied my hands a couple of times, but nothing like this. I'm surprised by my reaction.

My initial reaction, as he tied the first knot, was mild claustrophobia. I had to breathe deeply to calm myself. I didn't say anything; the pressure of the ropes on my neck and bare chest made me feel very quiet. He had to ask every few minutes if I was okay, because I'm not usually this quiet.

He fed the rope between my legs, and one of the knots pressed against my clitoris. Then he threaded it through a loop in the back and pulled it taut. It tugged up and separated the cheeks of my ass.

Next he wove it across my sides, cinching my ribs and my waist, then tied it off in back. It makes me feel very constrained and controlled. I imagine a corset must feel like this.

I feel very quiet and passive. Like a rabbit in a trap, maybe. I've been laying in Richard's lap as we watch the movie, and he has been playing with my breasts, gently running his fingers along them and occasionally pinching or twisting my nipples. The knot on my clitoris is making it throb.

I'm not sure I can make it to the end of the movie without begging him to fuck me. I'll let you know how it goes.

Amy in Rope Bondage

Edited to add: I was just going to link to a website that showed how to tie a rope harness, but Richard said that it would be more instructive (instructive how?) to show a picture of me in the harness he tied.

The Spanish Inquisition


No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

The Spanish Inquisition has three main weapons; threesomes, branding, tattoos, and exhibitionism.


Four main weapons; threesomes, branding, tattoos, exhibitionism, and nipple piercings.


Five main weapons...

And so it goes here. There are three things in this relationship that I have taken "off the table." Well, four if you listen to me tell it - to Amy it's only three; and that's something we joke about.

Before we met, when we were talking on the phone or by IM, we were both very open about what we liked and didn't like in our lifestyles. I've lived a more sexually adventurous life in some ways than Amy until now. I say that with some hesitation, as it isn't entirely true, but it will work as a shorthand for now as people still learn about us. It would be the common perception of us, by an outsider.

The three (four) things are all things that I liked, that concerned Amy, and after discussion I pulled them from our inevitable, yet still upcoming at the time, relationship.

The first is threesomes. Amy is monogamous, and has concerns about bringing a third person into our relationship in any sexual or emotional way. Next is body modification, and the final one is exhibitionism, which we consider to be any D/s play in public that exposes Amy physically or emotionally beyond traditional limits of accepted cultural behavior.

Amy in Cuffs
Amy from a photoshoot done at the time of our first meeting, one month ago

I like MM/F threesomes, because of the objectification they force, at least the way I do them, on the woman in the threesome. To me, the feeling is one of complete ownership and domination of an owned slave, used for pleasure, and shared by her owner with no regard to her wishes, nor is she able to have any control over her own body, even to the point of who she has sex with. Amy sees this as hot, but had fears it could damage her emotionally.

Amy did not want her body marked by branding and tattooing; her main concern seems to be about the message those marks would send about her, to the people who would be in a position to see them, such as her children.

And exhibitionism. Amy is not the least bit sexually exhibitionistic in a public setting, and prefers to keep her sex life out of the public eye, although she is experimenting with me here in this blog about revealing herself, but only anonymously of course.

After discussion, I told Amy I would remove these options from our relationship. My feeling is that Amy, who has a deep, deep desire to please, would be willing to do things she felt were harmful to herself, if she thought I wanted her to do them. So it's not a matter of letting her decide if she wants to do them; she will want to do them if they please me. I have to make that decision for her, as I do so many other decisions that are important between us.

Amy will no doubt have her own take on these topics, and will probably speak to these issues at some point as well.

To me, these are ways that we can use to further our D/s relationship, but they are not the only tools, and there are others far more effective and exciting than the ones I have decided not to use for now. The last three nights, for example, I have made Amy sleep at the bottom of the bed with my cock in her mouth, a wonderful way to take away her former expectations of even where she will sleep at night. For the moment, I have not yet made her sleep on a large pillow with the dogs, nor have I forbidden her the use of furniture, but all in good time.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The third time

That's right. I got ass fucked again. I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd only been ass-fucked twice. Now it's three times.

But I'm not sure whether I should write about my ass-fucking, or about when he blindfolded me and tied my hands and then went down on me for an hour, bringing me to the edge then stepping back over and over and over, until he finally let me cum in a screaming, slamming, writhing orgasm.

Or I could write about him taking me to bed last night and face-fucking me, then pushing me to the bottom of the bed, where he made me sleep with his cock in my mouth or in my hand all night. He would pull me up next to him during the night when he felt like fucking me, then shove me back down to the base of the bed.

I know what I'm NOT going to write about. I'm NOT going to write about his awful last post, and in particular those awful pictures he took of me. Nonononono, I'm not. : (

Schoolgirl Spanking


Amy had some work to finish at home this weekend, so we decided to head out early Saturday, and then come back and settle in to get some things finished. At least, that was the plan.

Amy showed me this great little restaurant she likes, and we had breakfast there, then went out for a look around the antique shops in the area. I wanted her in a skirt, so earlier that morning she picked out this outfit with a sweater, but I wanted a more schoolgirl look, so I had her replace the sweater with a blazer.

She looked quite sedate, although no one knew that she had this wicked little lace pair of boy cut panties on underneath.

We had a great time looking at some furniture from the 1950s, with me casually running my hand up under her skirt at opportune moments. She gets stressed out about that, as she is NOT exhibitionistic, and is worried that someone will catch her at a vulnerable moment. She told me a cute story about something that happened to her on a beach once when she was 18.

She lay face down on the beach getting a tan, with her top untied, when a rogue wave swept up onto her. She jumped up, startled, her breasts bare, right in front of an Australian man who was walking along the beach. Mortified, she tried to cover herself, with sadly (for her) less than perfect results.

The man strolled by again later, and when Amy saw him coming, noticed his smile and hid her face in her towel until she thought he had passed. She looked up to be sure he was gone, but saw him looking at her, and since he had caught her eye, he told her, "Young lady, you have superb breasts." Amy found a new level of embarrassment, and once again hid her face in her towel, turning her signature brand of bright pink, no doubt.

After a morning shopping, we returned home, where I had Amy stand in the corner, and photographed her, as you see below.

I had her stand in the corner, and lift her skirt to show off her panties, which she finds quite humiliating.

Very lovely, and after a few pictures I put down the camera and gave her a proper spanking as she stood holding her skirt up.

Somehow, the spanking turned into me pinning her into the corner with my body, as I explored her with my hands, and Amy wriggled and tried to get out of my grasp. I eventually pressed her face down onto the stairs alongside this corner, and forced the lace panties to one side as I took her, then removed them and turned her over on the stairs and entered her again, with less protesting and struggling on her part.

Since I couldn't get good purchase on the stairs, I took her by her hair and led her over to the couch, which served us well until exhaustion put an end to this phase of the proceedings.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Wasn't that a romantic post?

Gosh, Richard's last post was so romantic. Several things he said brought tears to my eyes. You'd probably be surprised, given the sentiment in which he wrote about watching me sleep, what happened next.

"she makes the soft, soft sounds of a woman who feels the need of a man come upon her."

I probably did. I've realized since being with him that I make a lot of noises I'm not aware of - cooing, purring, moaning, even saying "nonono" while I'm being fucked. What woke me up was being fucked, hard, and then flipped over onto my belly. He was holding my ankles and pulling my legs down the bed.

"Lift up your legs."

I tried to think what position he wanted me in. He was using his no-nonsense voice, so I didn't want to ask too many questions or god forbid complain.

I tried to lift one leg, but that wasn't right. It just made him yank harder and he sounded annoyed.

"Keep your legs together. Lift them."

I went a little limp and let him position me. As I wakened more, I realized that he was pulling me onto his lap. WTF??? It wasn't even six in the morning! Was I really going to get a spanking?

I was.

He started spanking gently, moving from cheek to cheek. It tingled a little, but didn't hurt. In fact, it felt kind of good. I have a hard time admitting that, but it did.

Then he started spanking harder. I moaned a little complaint. That wasn't a good idea. He spread my legs and started spanking my pussy. That hurt AND it was embarrassing. Unfortunately, me being embarrassed makes both of us hot, and he has a radar for my embarrassment.

"I know you're a good girl."

He spanks my pussy so hard it stings.

"I'm not spanking you to punish you."

He spanks my pussy again, harder, and I moan. His fingers rub along my clit, and then back, and he begins to play with my asshole. I can feel that his hand is wet. This means that my pussy is wet, and I know that he knows my pussy is wet. Even more embarrassing.

"I'm spanking you so that you know what it will be like if you're bad."

"If you're bad, I'll spank you like this, but much, much harder."

He begins to spank my ass again, but harder. The thudding jars through my body, and I can feel both cheeks heating up. I am whimpering and pleading under my breath. Not pleading out loud, because that gets me into trouble. I don't want any more trouble than I already have.

"Are you going to be bad?"

"No! I won't be bad. I promise. I'm never bad. You know I'm never bad." Then I sob.

Sobbing was a mistake. He loves it when I sob. The spanking gets harder.

As he spanks me, he explains to me in a calm voice that he expects me to be a good girl, and if I'm not, I will get a much worse spanking than the one I am getting now. I can't really imagine a worse spanking than this, and I hate it that it is making my pussy so wet, especially when he spreads my legs to spank my pussy some more, or when he takes a break to run his wet fingers around my clit, then teases my cunt and my asshole before spanking some more.

After a while, the constant percussion puts me into a trance and I can sense when he begins to hit harder or to lighten his touch, but I don't really feel it. I'm no longer complaining, I may be whimpering or moaning - you would have to ask him, because I don't know. He stops to admire my ass, and stands me up and shows me in the mirror. It's bright red, and I can see his fingermarks.

Then I have to get up and go to work.

So Much to Learn

I'm writing this in the early morning, about 5 am. Amy is stirring in the bed beside me, so I have one hand on her,and she is hugging my arm while she sleeps.


I type now with my left hand.

Her breathing is deep,and even.

She rests naked under the duvet. When I move my hand gently on her she makes little happy sounds. I find her nipple, already partially erect, and as I cradle her breast she awakes enough to kiss my arm faintly.

She may not remember this moment by dawn.

She settles again.

I watch her in the darkness.

I know so little about her.

She showed me her high school yearbook last night. A pretty 18 year old in a tiny sundress, president of her sororiety - did I spell that last word right? She'll let me know. She spells everything right. She is scary smart.

I read her last post. I knew she was an anal virgin; I didn't know she had had someone try to fuck her ass though, and stopped them. I was sure she had told me she had never done it because no one had ever been interested. So somewhere the story got confused. Like I said, so much to learn.


I'm teasing her nipple gently and she's moving just the tiniest little bit under my touch, and giving a breathy little whimper as she squirms.

I will learn a lot about her by what she writes here. There are so many accidental secrets between us, and stories we have yet to share. Good stories, and dark ones. I know the first time she had sex she was date raped. I don't know much about it other than that.

But we will learn.

We talk of many things, science, religion, sex; even sealing wax and kings. Her mind she calls a monkey mind; always active. When I tell her a story I rarely finish it, as it always spurs a new thoughts in her own head that bursts to get out. If I am patient, I get the chance to speak again and finish what I am telling her.

If I am wise, I keep silent and learn more about her.

She has awakened briefly, and now presses against me. My hand slowly strokes her bare shoulder and back.

I am deeply in love with her.

I remember talking to her on the phone after my first month of knowing about her, and long before we ever met. We talked about D/s relationships, and something she said about service made me say she might want to be a slave. Neither of us wanted that; her to be a slave, nor me to have one, and yet here we are.

We are both learning.

About each other.

About ourselves.

She is awake now; her back to me. My hand discovers a fully erect firm nipple, then another as I slowly explore her breasts. Her naked ass wiggles warmly against my leg, and she makes the soft, soft sounds of a woman who feels the need of a man come upon her.

Dawn is coming.

But we begin, as any couple, in the dark.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Last night

I fell asleep early because I took an antihistamine for my allergies. I woke up slowly, feeling my breasts being handled from behind, first gently, then building up to rough pulling and tugging. I think my own moaning may have woken me. I could feel his cock hard against my ass and as I became more conscious I wondered if I was going to get my ass fucked.

I've only been ass-fucked twice now; I'm practically still an anal virgin. He's very experienced, thank goodness, because I was really nervous about it. It was awesome. I think I should ask him to post some pointers here, because a couple times in the past someone has attempted to ass-fuck me and it hurt like hell and I put an immediate stop to it. He would be doing the world a favor, at least that part of the world that would like to take an ass for a spin, to share some tips.

I didn't get my ass fucked. I can tell it's gonna happen again soon, though, because he's getting more and more focused on that...region. Even after two completely untraumatic, very hawt ass-fuckings, I'm still trepidatious about it. Instead, I got flipped onto my back and my thighs shoved apart with his knee. It took two or three times for his cock to ram completely into me and then sweet jesus. I started rocking my hips in rhythm with him, then grabbed his back and bit down hard on his shoulder. I was moaning and scratching and biting and bucking and after what felt like hours I had worn myself out. (I'm generally worn out from almost four weeks of three-times-a-day fucking minimum.) He slowed down too, and we fell back asleep.

I was woken up AGAIN about an hour later. This time I couldn't completely wake up. It felt great, but I could barely move from being tired and achy. It makes him hot when I'm somewhat unwilling but yield to him, so my lack of response didn't bother him at all. He whispered in my ear that I could just lay there, it was okay, but he was going to fuck me and cum in me anyway. And he did. And we fell asleep again.

And a couple hours later, I was woken up AGAIN. He was rock hard and playing with me. Jesus, this guy is in his forties. He must have been *terrifying* when he was younger. My breasts are very...sensitive isn't the right word, because I like intense handling. I guess they're responsive.

Anyway, he was playing with my breasts in exactly the right way to make me crazy, and I was thrashing around on the bed. Then he told me to masturbate while he played with them. He was talking to me the whole time, telling me how much he loved my breasts, and what a slut I was, and how I needed to cum for him. I hate being called a slut, and I love being called a slut, and him telling me I had to cum pushed me right over the edge and I exploded into the mother of all orgasms. He immediately pushed into me and started fucking me while I was still feeling aftershocks from cumming.

(I want to add here that I never even *talked* about masturbating when I was married, much less masturbated in front of someone, so this is all new and a bit intimidating for me.)

He fucked me for a while and I think we both must have eventually passed out from exhaustion, because we were woken by the alarm at 6 am and I could barely lift my arm to turn it off.

I'm a morning person but this morning it was really hard to get my motor revving. He made me coffee and helped me get dressed and now, at 10 am, I'm finally beginning to feel my brain stirring.

Tonight: kids are with their dad, so we'll have a wilder time.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

From vanilla to kinky in 3 weeks

It really took longer than 3 weeks; but before I say any more I think I should define some terms. He's so used to being kinky and being around kinksters that he assumes everybody knows this stuff. But as a newly reformed vanilla (non-kinky) person, I know better. To the experienced kinky folk out there: you might just want to read his posts and ignore mine, since mine will be kinda kink-with-training-wheels.

So that's your first definition: vanilla = non-kinky.

Second definition: D/s = dominance and submission. In our case, he is sexually dominant and I am sexually submissive. Some people like to switch between being dominant and submissive and they are called...switches (a third definition).

Third (or fourth) definition: 24.7 = We are 24/7 D/s, which means I don't just submit to him in the bedroom, I submit to him all day, every day.

If you are a vanilla person reading this, and anything like I've been for most of my life, the hair on the back of your neck may be standing up right now. I'll talk more about this later but for now I'll just say...I had a great childhood with terrific parents, I've got a couple of advanced degrees, I've got a prestigious high-paying job, I'm a feminist. I am not mentally ill and this is not abuse. This is GREAT, KINKY SEX! I promise. Stay with me.

Posted by Amy

Three Weeks In (the very first post)


We are now three weeks into a 24.7 D/s relationship.

We will both be posting, myself as "twentyfour" for the moment; and she has yet to select a name for herself. Yes, yes I know I am supposed to select a name for her and make her use it, but that's just not something I'm interested in. We aren't here to live by anybody else's rules but our own, so you are going to no doubt see a very individualistic brand of D/s.

I'll pick another name myself when I feel like it.

If and when.

In the meantime, she and I met in real life a couple of months ago, after 5 months of emails, IMs and phone conversations. We found each other online, when we weren't really looking for partners. Then three weeks ago we moved in together in a 24.7 relationship that neither of us figured we wanted at first.

Things change.

Do you need any more info than this? Guy meets girl, the romance begins, and life gets interesting.

I think you can follow it from here.