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Regular clientele are have adapted to paying the established rates when they boon an encounter with an escort. However, numerous new clients to the process most of time wonder why these girls charge the rates they do. Let’s face it; you can get the services they are offering for free on a one-night stand. Also, you can hire a cheaper hooker to do the services she’s offering. What’s so special about these escorts that their price tags are several hundreds of dollar for an hour of their time?

There are several factors that come into play as to how an escort sets her rates.

1. An escort charges based on how beautiful she looks and sex appeal. With model good looks or an exotic appeal, professionally done makeup and clothes that are carefully selected, an escort is not just your typical everyday woman. When you hire an escort, you may look for some qualities, but the most apparent quality most clientele look for is physical looks. If an escort nailed that factor, she can charge a really high rate for an hour’s worth of her time.

2. An escort’s rate is comparative to experience. Even if an escort is worth a really high rate, she will not be able to raise her rate on her first encounter as she can on her 50th. In this industry, experience is very important and when an escort has it, she can take advantage of it.

3. The market’s overall going rate impacts how an escort may set her rate. Places with a higher cost of living like New York, where a piece of sandwich can cost an annual middle-class salary of a third world country, will naturally have a higher escort rate. However, in places where escorts are on high demands, rates will be normal. In addition, if the rates of the hotel rooms are unreasonable, escorts may charge rates that are higher. Resort locations and huge urban cities typically have the highest rates.

4. The status of an escort sets the level of her rate. Escorts who are raised in high societies and who can mingle effortlessly with the elite society and can blend in while at functions and events are perceived as the elite ones of the bunch. In addition, escorts with education, cultured and with a killer look to match are suitable for courtesan or high-end classification. These types of escorts are high in demand and popular among certain types of clients. Their high rates backup their clothing and accessories and other factors required to aid in the elite experience the clients are looking for.

5. They work hard for the money. Most clients think that an escort simply shows up on a date and get paid. But that is actually far from the truth, as escorts work really hard and spend a lot of time working to make sure they look beautiful to their clients. They will take time and effort to dress up and do their makeup before meeting a client. Also, she needs to be an extremely good actress in order to adapt her personality and actions accordingly for each clientele’s preferences. An escort works hard both mentally and physically in order to please her clients, with her entertaining conversation and sexual expertise.


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