There are London escort agency directories online that have been around for about 10 years now. There are also new corners and directories that are simply copy cats of these which show up on a daily basis.

The formats of these directories are quite similar, dividing their website into cities, and from there local escorts can choose from categories that will best describe them and their services. Escorts can choose categories on physical looks such as hair color (blonde, brunette, redhead,e tc), ethnicity (Asian, Latina, Ebony, etc) and more. They also have an option to include their availability whether they are “Daytime Delights” or “After Dark” girls. There’s also a category for the types of services they would like to offer from Sensual Body Rub Massage to Fetish and even to BDSM.

After they’re done filling up these categories, and if the directory is popular with plenty of advertisers, an escort’s ad can be lost among the numerous of dozens of escort ads posted in a particular website where they are all competing against each other for the attention of all prospect clients.

Majority of escorts can sometimes feel they are not getting enough calls and want to know how they can be more competitive. Here are some recommendations on how to get a better response from your escort advertising.

1. Advertise in Numerous Directories
The average cost of internet directories costs around $150 a month so pick at least two to three directories in order to cover your bases. Well-known directories have built a following so consider you $150 per month an investment. This price is quite a bargain considering the return of investment you’ll get from dozens of calls where you can earn a few thousands of dollars in return.

2. Advertise in Numerous Categories
Directories divide their cities into various types of categories that will best describe how an escort look, their services and availability as well. For a minimal extra fee, you can choose all the categories that suit you if you fit to more than one. If you’re a brunette who works in morning you can opt for Brunette and After Dark categories.

3. Offer More Services
This will place you in various categories. If you’re blonde and aside from escorting, you like to dress up in cheerleader or school girl costumes or do role plays, consider putting up an advertisement under the Fetish category to place yourself in front of the clients. Make sure that you photos to show you in these costumes or outfits in order to stimulate the audience’s imaginations. Aside from this, do not forget to be specific in what you do and what you don’t do.

4. Have a Good Professional Photos
Avoid uploading cheap and blurry photos so that you will not look like you are promoting yourself as a low grade amateur. Use your real photo as well and make sure they are professional, vivid and lively to get as many clicks as possible. Also, have it verified by the directory to get a much better response. You can send them a scanned copy of your ID to match your photos on your profile and ad. It is always an advantage when clients know that your ad is real and that you are an independent provider.


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