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photo of Chantel London best escortBag Yourself a Catwalk Beauty for the Evening!

When it comes to finding the most beautiful women in London, you’ll be spoilt for choice at this elite escort agency.

If you’re looking for one of the most beautiful women in the capital, then let us let you in on a little secret. Some of the most gorgeous models in the city also work as high class escorts, and you can find the very best at Elite VIP Models. This agency has been the number one choice for discerning gentleman in London for some time now, and it’s not hard to see why. With incredibly stunning models who are also interested in casual intimate encounters with men, it offers a busy London guy the best of both worlds. Here’s what you can expect.

The most gorgeous models

It goes without saying that you’ll find incredibly beautiful girls at Elite VIP Models. These ladies have been involved in hugely successful modelling campaigns, flaunting their killer curves on billboards all over the world. Whether you love blondes or brunettes, English roses or exotic babes, you’ll be spoilt for choice at this elite agency. You’ll feel like the king of the world with one of these stunners on your arm.

Dressed to kill

The best elite models in the capital are always dressed to impress. All too often you’ll see escorts dressed in tacky, overly revealing outfits that leave nothing to the imagination. The girls at Elite VIP Models dress in sexy, stylish clothes but are always elegant. So you can take them to an exclusive London club or restaurant and know that they’ll look the part. Remember, if you have an outfit in mind you can also request that they wear that.

Educated and open-minded

Escorts with careers as models are well-travelled and used to all kinds of events. So your companion will be comfortable and confident in any setting. You could be at a West End theatre enjoying a show or attending an important work function, and she’ll be perfectly at ease. These ladies are just so adaptable and love to experience new things. Many of them are multilingual too, making them perfect for international clients.

Experienced and adventurous

Thanks to working at a top London agency, model escorts are very experienced when it comes to intimacy. These girls love to please men, and have spent a long time honing their skills of seduction. Their years of experience with clients mean that there’s not much they don’t know about how to please a man – and if not, they’re always up for trying something new!

Discretion guaranteed

As you can expect from women who are used to mixing in the very highest circles of London society, the escorts at Elite VIP Models are incredibly discreet and professional. They’ll never embarrass you when you’re in public together, will arrive for your date with the utmost discretion and will never, ever put your privacy at risk.

Book your model today

So, ready to date a supermodel? By calling Elite VIP Models, you can secure yourself a date with a beauty who has stepped straight off the catwalk. These ladies are so popular though, so booking in advance is recommended if you have a particular date in mind. After you’ve booked, you’ve got an incredible evening to look forward to.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Escort

sexy escort in LondonIt’s Time To Treat Yourself!

Whether you value discretion, an adventurous streak or convenience, an escort will be the perfect option for you.

Hiring an escort is something that many men want to try but haven’t got around to. That could be down to nerves or simply a lack of time. Whatever the reason, if you haven’t spent the night with an escort before you’re missing out! These ladies are the most popular dates in London, and it’s not hard to see why. Gorgeous and boasting some incredible skills of seduction, they’re the stuff that dreams are made of. If you need a little more convincing, here are three reasons why you should call Agency Barracuda, the capital’s leading escort agency.

Discreet and professional

The first reason you should hire a top London escort is that they are extremely discreet and professional. A lot of men worry that they’ll be caught in a compromising position, and that puts them off booking an escort. Well, if you book an escort through Babes of London, you can be sure that both the escort and the booking team will act with the utmost professionalism. The booking team will process your payment securely and won’t pass your details on to any third parties. Then, your escort will arrive at and leave your home or London hotel discreetly and will never speak of your time together without your permission.

Open-minded and adventurous

If you’re looking for a girl who is up for anything, then hire an escort! These ladies are extremely fun loving and open-minded, and love to accompany their clients on a wide variety of dates.

They’re there to enhance your existing plans, and will be happy to go along with whatever you have set out for your date in London. That open-mindedness extends to the bedroom, where she will wow you with her adventurous nature and extensive skills of seduction. If you have a fantasy that you’ve always wanted to fulfil, she’s your girl.


Last but not least, hiring an escort is the ultimate in convenience. You call the shots from the word go, arranging to meet her at a time and place that is most convenient for you. For men with busy schedules, finding the time to squeeze in dates can be very difficult, and as a result they don’t get a chance to meet many women. When you hire an escort, all of that negotiating and compromising is taken out of the equation. Not only can you meet her when and where suits you, but you can see her as frequently or infrequently as you like too. So you can enjoy the company of a beautiful woman and satisfy your need for intimacy completely on your terms.

Book now to avoid disappointment

Of course, there are many more reasons to hire an escort! However, the discretion, convenience and sensuality that an escort offers are three of the most compelling. So if you are thinking about booking an escort for yourself, go for it! There are so many gorgeous girls to choose from at Agency Barracuda, and whatever the occasion you’ll have a truly unforgettable evening together. What are you waiting for then? Pick up the phone and get ready to meet the girl of your dreams!


There are London escort agency directories online that have been around for about 10 years now. There are also new corners and directories that are simply copy cats of these which show up on a daily basis.

The formats of these directories are quite similar, dividing their website into cities, and from there local escorts can choose from categories that will best describe them and their services. Escorts can choose categories on physical looks such as hair color (blonde, brunette, redhead,e tc), ethnicity (Asian, Latina, Ebony, etc) and more. They also have an option to include their availability whether they are “Daytime Delights” or “After Dark” girls. There’s also a category for the types of services they would like to offer from Sensual Body Rub Massage to Fetish and even to BDSM.

After they’re done filling up these categories, and if the directory is popular with plenty of advertisers, an escort’s ad can be lost among the numerous of dozens of escort ads posted in a particular website where they are all competing against each other for the attention of all prospect clients.

Majority of escorts can sometimes feel they are not getting enough calls and want to know how they can be more competitive. Here are some recommendations on how to get a better response from your escort advertising.

1. Advertise in Numerous Directories
The average cost of internet directories costs around $150 a month so pick at least two to three directories in order to cover your bases. Well-known directories have built a following so consider you $150 per month an investment. This price is quite a bargain considering the return of investment you’ll get from dozens of calls where you can earn a few thousands of dollars in return.

2. Advertise in Numerous Categories
Directories divide their cities into various types of categories that will best describe how an escort look, their services and availability as well. For a minimal extra fee, you can choose all the categories that suit you if you fit to more than one. If you’re a brunette who works in morning you can opt for Brunette and After Dark categories.

3. Offer More Services
This will place you in various categories. If you’re blonde and aside from escorting, you like to dress up in cheerleader or school girl costumes or do role plays, consider putting up an advertisement under the Fetish category to place yourself in front of the clients. Make sure that you photos to show you in these costumes or outfits in order to stimulate the audience’s imaginations. Aside from this, do not forget to be specific in what you do and what you don’t do.

4. Have a Good Professional Photos
Avoid uploading cheap and blurry photos so that you will not look like you are promoting yourself as a low grade amateur. Use your real photo as well and make sure they are professional, vivid and lively to get as many clicks as possible. Also, have it verified by the directory to get a much better response. You can send them a scanned copy of your ID to match your photos on your profile and ad. It is always an advantage when clients know that your ad is real and that you are an independent provider.


The following information has been supplied by an independent Escort agency in Essex

Regular clientele are have adapted to paying the established rates when they boon an encounter with an escort. However, numerous new clients to the process most of time wonder why these girls charge the rates they do. Let’s face it; you can get the services they are offering for free on a one-night stand. Also, you can hire a cheaper hooker to do the services she’s offering. What’s so special about these escorts that their price tags are several hundreds of dollar for an hour of their time?

There are several factors that come into play as to how an escort sets her rates.

1. An escort charges based on how beautiful she looks and sex appeal. With model good looks or an exotic appeal, professionally done makeup and clothes that are carefully selected, an escort is not just your typical everyday woman. When you hire an escort, you may look for some qualities, but the most apparent quality most clientele look for is physical looks. If an escort nailed that factor, she can charge a really high rate for an hour’s worth of her time.

2. An escort’s rate is comparative to experience. Even if an escort is worth a really high rate, she will not be able to raise her rate on her first encounter as she can on her 50th. In this industry, experience is very important and when an escort has it, she can take advantage of it.

3. The market’s overall going rate impacts how an escort may set her rate. Places with a higher cost of living like New York, where a piece of sandwich can cost an annual middle-class salary of a third world country, will naturally have a higher escort rate. However, in places where escorts are on high demands, rates will be normal. In addition, if the rates of the hotel rooms are unreasonable, escorts may charge rates that are higher. Resort locations and huge urban cities typically have the highest rates.

4. The status of an escort sets the level of her rate. Escorts who are raised in high societies and who can mingle effortlessly with the elite society and can blend in while at functions and events are perceived as the elite ones of the bunch. In addition, escorts with education, cultured and with a killer look to match are suitable for courtesan or high-end classification. These types of escorts are high in demand and popular among certain types of clients. Their high rates backup their clothing and accessories and other factors required to aid in the elite experience the clients are looking for.

5. They work hard for the money. Most clients think that an escort simply shows up on a date and get paid. But that is actually far from the truth, as escorts work really hard and spend a lot of time working to make sure they look beautiful to their clients. They will take time and effort to dress up and do their makeup before meeting a client. Also, she needs to be an extremely good actress in order to adapt her personality and actions accordingly for each clientele’s preferences. An escort works hard both mentally and physically in order to please her clients, with her entertaining conversation and sexual expertise.


If you’ve never hired escorts in Essex before and are considering making your very first call, then this article is for you. There are plenty of beautiful escorts out there who can be your most enjoyable and intimate adult companions. If you want to progress and keep a quality relationship with an escort, it is good to familiarize yourself with and practice good escort etiquette. The adult industry does have some rules and guidelines. It is recommended to become familiar with these guidelines from the beginning if you want to have a great experience.

Do Your Homework

All you have to do is to a lot a little of your time online in order to save yourself from the risk of having a not so nice experience or worse get ripped off from one of the low quality escorts. If you will not do your homework and research, you are giving yourself to chance the outcome of your experience and you have no one to blame but yourself if in case you encounter an escort from hell.

Start by looking at escort review websites where you can read feedback posted by other clients of your prospect. You will be able to gain information on her looks, appearance, attitude, professionalism and the types of services the escort provides as well as her rates.

Initial Contact

Some escort websites has an appointment request form that you need to fill out and provide information requested by the escort herself. This is where most clients make their first mistake by not following instructions. Make sure to read the escort’s terms carefully, if you don’t agree with them or you don’t want to share personal information about you or your contact number then it is best to move on and not waste each other’s time.

If the escort’s form has a comment section, avoid saying anything rude or sexually motivated comments. It will turn the escort off and you’ll never hear from her for sure.

If the escort does not have a request form and only has an email or contact number then use this to initiate contact. Make your email simple, put Appointment Request with your name in the subject line to get her attention right away. Avoid using lines like I need it bad or Please do me. Being respectful is always a good idea if you want a response from an escort.


Most escorts would want to meet you in a public place for the first time, while there are others who will come right into your room. There are those also who prefer to have a quick fifteen to twenty minutes of getting to know each other moment over a drink the day before the actual date. If the escort’s website does not cover it, politely ask her what her policies are for first meeting.

During this time, the escort will give you her contact number. Avoid sounding needy and do not call her all the time before the date. Some escorts can be talkative as well and will call you a few times, while others may only call once or twice, so make sure to follow her lead and respect her.