Pictures and stories from of a real life 24.7 D/s couple. Richard and Amy explore bdsm, daily life, and each other, from both sides of the relationship.

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June 28, 2008

Time for a change

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Last night I came out of the bathroom and I dropped to my knees and crawled to Richard’s side of the bed. He looked up from his computer, arched an eyebrow and said “What do you want, little girl?”

Richard likes it when I crawl, and I know that Richard likes it, and Richard knows that I know it. So he knew I wanted something. hehe

But he looked so strict that it made me nervous, so I tucked my head down on his hand. After a minute he reached over with his other hand and stroked my head, then he pulled back on my hair until I was looking into his eyes. “Yes?’

“Daddy. The kids are going to be gone for a week. Can we please…” My voice trailed off. I am really bad at asking for things. Richard is trying to help me be better at this.

“Do you want to be my baby girl this week?” He smiled at me.

“No. I *always* feel like your baby girl. I want to be…your slave again. I don’t know. I don’t know how to say it. I want to be more D/s again.”

“Awww. We have been awfully vanilla since you got sick, haven’t we?”

“Yes, we have, Daddy. I miss the D/s. Does that make sense, what I said?”

“Yes it does. Now get into bed.”

So I did.

And I have high hopes for this week, although I know it’s not up to me. I’ll let you know how it goes.


June 23, 2008

Amy Nude on the Bed, with Gloves

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Amy nude on the bed, with gloves

June 20, 2008

D/s on the beach

Filed under: Daily Life — Amy @ 8:41 pm


Richard and I were talking about how emotionally *smart* a lot of the comments were on my last post (Master/slave issues). Except, I guess, for the first poster, who simply expressed a desire to “fuck you so fuckin hard all anal and shit ill be yo bitch”. Now I know who to call when I need a bitch. : ) Anyway, it’s nice to know that we’ve got such bright, thoughtful and articulate readers out there.

We had a beach barbecue a couple of days ago, which was fun until the area was over-run with high school kids celebrating the end of the year. They were cute at the beginning of the evening, but then they started drinking and things got a bit wild.

Richard commented on how many of the male-female interactions seemed to be D/s-ish in flavor. Basic stuff like throwing sand or sticking it down a girl’s bikini, or flicking her with a towel. Grabbing something that she was holding and keeping it out of her reach. Several times we saw a guy pick up a girl, throw her over his shoulder and carry her into the water. And of course there was lots of, as Richard calls it, “pseudo-wrestling”, when a boy would grab a girl and throw her down onto the sand. The girls would squeal through all of this but they were always laughing and looked happy with the attention, in spite of it all looking relatively coercive.

Then there were the couples, laying on towels and cuddling. The guy would roll over and grab the girl’s wrists and hold them over her head. The girl would struggle and laugh and they would end up wrestling for a bit before returning to cuddling.

Richard thinks it’s because most people are more D/s than they realize; that vanilla people really aren’t as vanilla as they think they are. That makes sense to me, at least from my own life, but I get nervous saying that because I don’t want to imply that Maledom/Femsub is “normal” and anything else is kink/perversion. To be clear, Richard doesn’t think that either; he’s very cool with everyone’s kink, I’m guessing he would just say that everybody’s kinky in their own way and some kinks (eg M/f D/s) are more common than others. What do y’all think?

June 16, 2008

Master/slave issues

Filed under: Daily Life — Amy @ 9:43 pm

We have friends who are in Master/slave relationships and occasionally (as in all relationships) they have problems.  Those of you who have been with us since the beginning of our blog and those of you who have read through all our past posts (there should be a medal) know that we originally talked about ourselves in terms of Master/slave (M/s).  However, those terms and that dynamic didn’t feel like a good fit to us and pretty quickly Richard required me to call him Daddy. While I was initially very hesitant about calling him Daddy, it fits him (and us) very well, because he is very nurturing and protective (and bossy and demanding <joke>) of me.   
Oh dear.  I see that I’ve gotten off track.  I wanted to talk about a problem a friend of ours is having in her M/s relationship.    She has caught her Master “cheating” on her online several times.  Each time, he promises never to do it again and they talk things through and eventually she gives him another chance.  (They’ve broken up over this at least once before.)
Our (female) friends think he is a major loser and she should just kick him to the curb, but she keeps going back to him.  I can probably sum up the general feeling as “He’s no Master, he’s a sneaking, lying little boy.”
I’ve talked to Megan about this a few times, and I decided the other day to ask Richard his opinion. He’s not usually very interested in following the complexities of our friends’ relationships, so I tried to paint things with a broad brush.  I was surprised that his take on the situation was so different from mine, and after my initial shock really learned a lot from his perspective.  Following is an abbreviated version of our discussion.  I’m curious to hear what our readers (male and female) think about it.
Oh, one last thing, our friend’s Master banned her from the internet because he felt that her friends were interfering with their relationship. Major red flag for most of us, since that is considered a classic sign of abuse - separating someone from their friends and family. She has recently secretly opened an email account and been emailing her friends about the situation.
Amy:  Daddy, I’m really worried about Christine.  (gives general details of the situation) 
Richard:  Who’s the Master in that relationship?  It doesn’t sound like he is, that’s for sure. 
Amy:  Whuh?  I mean, excuse me Sir?  What do you mean?  (translation:  What planet do you live on?) 
Richard:  Well, she’s telling him how he has to behave.  It sounds like she is the Master.  Why isn’t he deciding how he will behave? 
Amy:  He says he’ll behave one way, but then he behaves another way.  She can’t trust him. 
Richard: He should simply say: “This is what I want to do.” and then she can decide whether she wants to be with someone who behaves that way.   
Amy:  Wellll, I guess he wants to be monogamous or thinks he should be, but then he is tempted.  Maybe it’s like an addiction.  He knows that she doesn’t want him to do it, but he can’t help it. 
Richard:  Baby girl, if he can’t Master himself, how can he Master her?  
Amy:  I don’t know if this is really a Master/slave issue, Daddy.  Trust is important in vanilla relationships too.  It’s just in M/s relationships, it’s even more important, because both people are so vulnerable. 
Richard:  Yes, and it’s even more important to be yourself in an M/s relationship.  Which he is not doing, by trying to change himself to be what she wants.  And how can he trust her?  It sounds like she is doing the same thing he is, emailing her friends without his permission. 
Amy:  I know that most men aren’t naturally monogamous, but that’s hard for most women to accept.  Megan is the only woman I know who accepts and even embraces that in her man.  She is so much stronger than me.  I’m lucky that you are monogamous, because it would hurt me a lot if you weren’t. 
Richard:  Yes, but you have to deal with your Daddy being a sadist, when you don’t like to get hurt.  We all have to figure out what we can and can’t tolerate in our relationships and be honest about that with our partners AND ourselves.  If Christine can’t tolerate a Master that “plays” online then she needs to find a Master that doesn’t do that.  But she can’t MAKE her Master change, because then she is no longer a slave, she’s the Master. 
Amy:  I guess that makes sense, Daddy.  I just feel so bad for Christine.  She deserves to be happy and this relationship seems to be making her sad.   
Richard:  Christine needs to be Christine, and her Master needs to be himself, and they can only be happy together if they are able to be themselves.  If they can only be together by denying who they are, then it won’t work.   

June 12, 2008

How I was woken last night

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In my last post, I wrote about how Richard woke me to make me come and then face-fuck me a few nights ago. Southern Angel’s response made me laugh out loud - she would hate to be woken at night, even for sex. It’s a good thing I don’t mind (heck, I love it) (not that it matters whether or not I mind) because Richard wakes me to fuck me quite often.

This morning, Richard told me something that happened during the night that I only vaguely remember. One of our dogs jumped onto the bed during the night and laid on my feet. I sat up on my elbow and leaned over to Richard and said “Is there a lizard on my feet?”

Richard said “It’s okay, little girl. It’s just Baby Dog. ” (That’s what he calls our youngest dog.)

“Oh good. Because if it was some kind of scritchy, slithery thing…” My voice trailed off, I lay back down and was instantly asleep.


We’re going to be away from home for a few days, and probably won’t post until we’re back. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hooray for summer!


June 10, 2008

Woken at midnight

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I wake up in the most compromising positions…

Last night I slowly came to consciousness, swimming up through dreams of being caressed and fondled by faceless, nameless men, some of them gentle, some rougher, some taking small bites of me, others pulling me hard against them. I moaned, on that knife-edge between lust and fear, between pleasure and pain.

Richard pulled me onto my back, his hands still on my breasts, and I could feel him over me. I tried to open my eyes but I hadn’t woken enough yet. He kneaded my breasts, then bent his head and suckled and bit them as his hand reached between my legs. He pushed my legs apart with his hands and I thought groggily that he was going to fuck me. But not tonight.

“Come for me.” He began playing with my pussy as he continued to tongue and nibble my breasts.

I moaned.

“Come for your Daddy. Show me what a slut you are. Come for me.”

“Please. I’m so tired. I can’t.”

“Do it now. You’re going to come, and then I’m going to use your mouth.” He didn’t stop, and he pulled my hand down to my pussy so that I would touch myself too.

I half-heartedly began to stroke myself. I knew he wouldn’t listen to me. I was already turned on, but in that heavy, sleepy way that doesn’t usually mean an orgasm is nearby. But he wanted an orgasm.

His hands and mouth got rougher on my breasts. Why does that make me so crazy?

“Come for me, or I’ll get rougher. You know I like to hurt you. Do what I say.”

The fear of him hurting me, and the thrill, pushed me to the edge and over quickly. As I shuddered to orgasm, he grabbed me by the back of the neck and pushed my mouth down onto his cock. I choked and tried to pull away but he pushed me further onto him and held me there.

After a moment he curled my hair around his hand and used it to pump me up and down on his cock. I still didn’t feel completely awake and tried to just relax so that I wouldn’t choke and drool so much. He maneuvered me between his legs and began face-fucking me harder and faster, pumping my head with his fist in my hair and thrusting up each time he pushed my face down. I closed my eyes and focused on not choking, his cock slippery with my drool. So hard, I felt every vein in it.

Suddenly he gasped and went rigid, my face buried in his lap, his cock filling my throat. After a second I felt his cum hit the back of my throat and then fill my mouth. I gulped it down, trying to swallow it all. After a minute he pulled me up next to him, rolled me on my side and wrapped his arms around me.

“Good girl. Go back to sleep now.” He was asleep in seconds; I lay there for several minutes, loving his arms around me and the deep feeling of being owned and used, and then I drifted off too.

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