Pictures and stories from of a real life 24.7 D/s couple. Richard and Amy explore bdsm, daily life, and each other, from both sides of the relationship.

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September 3, 2008

Amy at Burning Man

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This is a quick shot of Amy at Burning Man.

Amy at Burning Man

She’s drenched.  One of the ways people shower and cool off here is to follow one of the dust abatement trucks that sprinkle water on the temporary roads, and run behind in the spray.

Here you can see her after chasng after a truck, and returning much cooler, and thoroughly soaked.

July 29, 2008

Pictures of Amy at the Resort (Cleavage Warning)

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Golf Course

Amy checking out the golf course behind our room.

I just wanted to add a bit about our stay at the resort out near Palm Springs before going on.  We had the kids, and in the same room as us, so this was a very family oriented holiday.  Quite spontaneously entered into, as I believe Amy as already pointed out.

In the Tube

Almost all I saw of her for two days.

Amy’s first time in a “Lazy River” style of water ride.  She’s never been to a real waterpark - seems rather tragic!  Anyway, she likes to ride low in the water and shut out the distractions - whereas I’m always riding high on the tube and looking to cause trouble.


Amy thinks this picture is redundant - she thinks nobody wants to see another cleavage shot of her.

Turned out to be a great adventure for all of us, a mini holiday with lots of water time.

July 12, 2008

24.7 Collar

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Amy at the resort two days ago

Ever since we started living D/s 24.7, Amy and I have kept in mind the idea of having a 24.7 collar for her to wear.  The challenge has been to find just the right piece.

For us, this is it.

Mainstream enough to pass in her work world, rugged enough to survive the abuse it takes on camping trips, and delicate enough to show she’s a woman.

She tracked it down herself, after I had felt we would never find something that looked discretely submissive enough to portray the essence of a collar, without shouting “Kinky!” to the world at large.

Well done, Baby Girl!

June 23, 2008

Amy Nude on the Bed, with Gloves

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Amy nude on the bed, with gloves

May 20, 2008

Amy Nude

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Amy Nude

A little shot of Amy nude, just to get things rolling right.

February 14, 2008

Vegas Squeeze Toy

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Vegas Squeeze Toy

Amy checks out Vegas in the morning (I’m partial to the reflection in the window, btw)

Discovered something a little fun on a recent trip to Vegas.

Amy squeaks.

Now, she normally squeaks when I give her a quick hug, but what I didn’t realize is she couldn’t control it.

Nor did I realize she finds it embarrassing.

So I gave her a quick hug while we were standing in line late one night at a McDonald’s, and she squeaked.

“Bad Daddy,” she whispered. “Don’t do that!”

For fun I did it again, and she squeaked again. Then I gave her a quick squeeze that made her squeak, and then another one right away and she squeaked an octave or two higher.


Then I started squeezing her and making her squeak, then doing quick ones to make her squeak at a higher pitch, and she turned bright red!

So cool.

Who’d have thought something so innocuous could turn into humiliation play?

I’m totally enjoying this.

February 2, 2008

Warm socks and skimpy panties

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Warm socks and skimpy panties

This is an outtake, but it’s very much like Amy with the sexy clothes, and then those big warm fuzzy socks.  Typically, she’d be nude with the fuzzy socks, or maybe wearing her Uggs and nothing else.

Of course, I didn’t know that for sure when I shot this pic, but I had an inkling.

This is from the first time we met, a year ago today.

I thought a picture from that weekend might be appropriate, and bring back a few memories. (Hah!  Like I could ever forget the fun we had THAT weekend!) I had already fallen for her, that weekend just made it all real.  The first touch, the first kiss.

The first all-nighter….

And then the second…


Happy anniversary little baby girl!

I love you lots!

Your Daddy

November 27, 2007

More Body Modification

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More body modification, or if you like, de-modification.  Is that a word? It is now.

We tried Amy with the acrylic nails for a while, but they weren’t working out to our mutual satisfaction.  While they looked good, they made her feel just a touch out of sync with her fingers, plus they hurt, in general.

Well, I don’t like my baby girl feeling pain.


Unintentional pain, that is.  I don’t see the point in that.  So we had the acrylics taken off, and Amy is back to her regular nails.  Also very beautiful, just in a different way - perhaps minus the decadent feeling of sensual indulgence acrylics lend to a woman, but having a definite natural beauty.  I like both kinds of beauty.

Natural nails suits Amy best.

And, Amy is no longer smooth between her thighs.  After some discussion, in which Amy proudly told me she had been admired in the past for the look of her pubic hair, we decided to give that a try.  Amy has been keeping smooth underneath, but letting her hair grow back.  I am planning to clip it short for a photo shoot, but for now I am enjoying it as it is.

Amy nude

Very lovely.  Amy misses being smooth, and keeps asking for permission to return to that, which will be granted, but only after I get the picture I want from this.  Although the one above is also nice.

November 19, 2007

Amy in Lingerie in a Barn

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November 17, 2007

Flashing her Breasts

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Ah yes.

The part Amy mentioned about the hard fucking in her previous post.

I had forgotten about that. But I had the essential part of the story right, and the hard fucking and kinky sex is really just kind of a peripheral goodness, not that big a deal.


So I have trouble remembering which bouts of wild sex happened on which day. It’s all a blur to me, one long happy fuckfest, but Amy can keep it sorted out. And as long as she can get it straight, good enough.

Which leads us to todays picture. I’d like to report that Amy has become a hardcore exhibitionist, seeking to flash her breasts at every opportunity. But no, she’s still shy, and and only flashes on command, or when I pull her top up. And not in public. Actually, she’s started flashing me in surprising moments.

And she’ll flash for the camera, if I tell her too.

This is one of those moments.

I like it.

What’d ya think?

Amy flashing her breasts

This is a morning shot, in the pale light after sunrise. I’ll let Amy tell you if we had been fucking wildly in any kind of kinky fashion, because clearly I won’t be able to remember it.

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