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February 2, 2008

Warm socks and skimpy panties

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Warm socks and skimpy panties

This is an outtake, but it’s very much like Amy with the sexy clothes, and then those big warm fuzzy socks.  Typically, she’d be nude with the fuzzy socks, or maybe wearing her Uggs and nothing else.

Of course, I didn’t know that for sure when I shot this pic, but I had an inkling.

This is from the first time we met, a year ago today.

I thought a picture from that weekend might be appropriate, and bring back a few memories. (Hah!  Like I could ever forget the fun we had THAT weekend!) I had already fallen for her, that weekend just made it all real.  The first touch, the first kiss.

The first all-nighter….

And then the second…


Happy anniversary little baby girl!

I love you lots!

Your Daddy


  1. *beams*

    Thank you Daddy.

    The best year of my life…so far!

    Comment by Amy — February 2, 2008 @ 5:15 pm

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    Comment by Southern Angel — February 2, 2008 @ 6:19 pm

  3. Happy anniversary!

    Comment by Z — February 2, 2008 @ 6:19 pm

  4. soft smiles…

    Happy Anniversay


    Comment by essence — February 2, 2008 @ 8:41 pm

  5. A year… Congrats! Fuzzy socks and all — I think you got yourself quite a woman, Richard! I hope you enjoy each other for many many more years!! And I think the same applies to Amy…

    Comment by sulpiciapast — February 2, 2008 @ 9:01 pm

  6. With all that’s hard and unpleasant in the world, it’s so nice to come here and see such love. Happy Anniversary and I wish you many more.

    Comment by sjm — February 2, 2008 @ 9:26 pm

  7. Fuzzy socks are very important!!!

    Happy Anniversary :)

    Comment by Ofia — February 2, 2008 @ 9:33 pm

  8. Congratulations to your anniversary, Richard and Amy. I love how you express your love and wish you many, many returns. Thanks for sharing some insights with us.

    Comment by Marc — February 3, 2008 @ 12:27 am

  9. Hello Amy.

    I am an avid reader and fan, and am so pleased to see you both writing once more…..thankyou….especially now Roper writes no more, and is very much missed.
    I enjoy your blog greatly. It stands out head and shoulders above the others for all sorts of reasons.

    The picture of your socks made me smile broadly. I wear identical socks to bed in winter, and enjoy the contrast between their practical utilitarianism and the pretty and decorative other choices. For long legs mean cold feet…..and what else is there to do when your feet are cold?

    ‘Some Like it Hot’ is such a glorious film. It remains firmly in my top 3 favourites of all time, for all sorts of reasons. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are quite sublime, and obviously had such an absolute ball making it.

    I am in the early stages of a deliciously exciting, though very new D/s relationship, and am considering starting a blog, too.

    It will be very English, because we are…..and I hope, like yours, fun, and very enjoyable to read.

    We are both avid writers. It was the medium through which our connection grew, and strengthened, initially…..and is still very important to us. I think the fact that both you and Richard contribute makes your blog even more interesting, and would like to do the same.

    So please…..Amy….and Richard…..I seek your advice.
    Principally my concern would be to ensure that our true identities were not compromised. J’s professional role is high profile enough to be of huge interest to the gutter press in this country, and mine too, though to a lesser extent, so this is something we should have to consider carefully.

    How risky, or otherwise, to you consider it to be?

    Do keep writing. I am so glad, Amy you are now recovered. You were both missed!

    kind regards,


    Comment by Diana — February 3, 2008 @ 4:19 am

  10. Happy anniversary! :)

    Comment by Lina — February 3, 2008 @ 2:07 pm

  11. Thank you everybody! And once again, we’ve managed to miss the Super Bowl. : )

    Diana, I hope you do start a blog. This is something that Richard and I had to discuss at length (because of my career; his would not be a problem). You probably know of Girl With A One-Track Mind (I think that is her blog name) who was outed by the British press. I get the impression that it was a huge embarrassment and closed a lot of professional doors to her, although she did get a book deal out of it. I have also seen a couple of blogs close down because of the danger of being found out by others - Man With Secrets and The English Gentleman come to mind (oh, boy do I miss Roper). Although I have been tempted to share our blog with friends and family, I’m happy that I haven’t (except for Megan and her Master). The risk is just too high and besides I think it would really constrain what I wrote about (eg how awful my mother is). Anyway, feel free to email if you have any questions; can’t remember if Richard has put up our emails on this blog yet, mine is [email protected]. Please keep us posted!


    Comment by Amy — February 3, 2008 @ 9:42 pm

  12. Happy 1 year anniversary, I have enjoyed all the two of you have generously shared and how your blog has sparked so many discussions between Sir and I. Your joy in eachother is palpable and real.

    Comment by jdsgirl — February 3, 2008 @ 10:05 pm

  13. Richard and Amy,
    i made my way over here from kaya’s blog and am finding your writing really resonates with me. i am so glad you are back posting and hope you are feeling all better, Amy.

    i really relate to what you say about being found out. Even my friends that know of O/our dynamic haven’t been told about the blog as i know it would affect what i was willing to write..i am still having a hard time with that!

    Happy Anniversary..i hope your second year brings you great joy as you continue to grow together and learn more about your “True Nature”. i would like to link your blog on O/ours if that is OK with you both.

    i LOVE the pictures!! HOT! HOT! HOT! Thank you both for sharing.


    Comment by MJ's slave — February 4, 2008 @ 6:53 pm

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