Pictures and stories from of a real life 24.7 D/s couple. Richard and Amy explore bdsm, daily life, and each other, from both sides of the relationship.

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October 25, 2007

Princess or Pervert?

Filed under: D/s, Hot sex, Kinky Sex, Daily Life — Amy @ 8:21 pm


It has been a while since anything Richard has chosen to do to me has shaken me. Some of you will remember that earlier in our relationship, I would regularly experience a crisis of confidence after Richard had ramped things up - by making me sleep at the foot of the bed, or talking about forcing me to have a threesome, or denying me an orgasm.

After each of these things happened for the first time, I would spend a few days processing them. “How can I be a slave, property, a toy, and be loved, too?” was a recurring theme that I would ponder.

I was still learning to accept that I am sexually submissive. The vanilla part of me couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that I was happier and more in love than I have ever been…with a man who is a sadist. A man who wants to control me and hurt me. A man who gets hard when I cry out in pain as he bites me or twists my nipple. Didn’t that make me a pervert?

Richard’s take on this: “So we’re perverts. So what?”

When we visited Megan and her Master a few weeks ago, I experienced a different sort of crisis of confidence when I saw how much more Megan’s Master demanded of her. It made me wonder if I were a pampered princess.

I don’t “top from the bottom”. Richard gets what Richard wants, and he gets it when he wants it. It is not always what I want. But he is a very nurturing and sensitive Master. He is more protective of me than I am. I am not allowed to open my own doors, I can’t open soda cans now that I have acrylic fingernails (and when I did it on my own, boy was I sorry!), he watches that I get enough sleep and don’t work too hard. He monitors how often I orgasm! If I haven’t had an orgasm in a couple of days, he makes it a priority before we go to sleep at night, more of a priority than him having an orgasm.

Doesn’t that sound like more of a princess than a slave?

Megan, as usual, has been wonderfully supportive about this. She could tell that I was feeling insecure and worried about it all, and she took pains to point out the differences in our needs and our dynamics: she is more experienced, she is a pain slut, she is an exhibitionist and loves humiliation play.

Richard simply said that, as he always has, he will continue to demand what he wants from me or simply take it. For him, it’s about control. Giving me pleasure or giving me pain are equivalent, if they lead to him having more control over me. (Not sure I said that right, but I think that’s the gist of it.)

So. Last night. Richard has spent the last three days photographing the southern California fires. He comes home at night dirty, exhausted and aggressive. He has a shower, I feed him dinner and make him a Jack Daniels. Then a second.

We go to bed early, snuggle up and I begin to nod off. But Richard hasn’t been able to settle, and he begins to play with my breasts. Instant squirminess for me. Then he grabs me by the hair and shoves my face down onto his cock. I begin sucking him and playing with his balls. Oh, he tastes so good. Finally I can’t take it anymore and I crawl up his body and slide onto his cock.

…It’s as if I unleashed a beast…

He growls and grabs my hips and starts fucking deep into me. (OK, when I used to fuck “Female Superior” in my vanilla days, I felt very in charge. How can the same position feel so very different with him?)

Then he starts talking about what a slut I am, how he’s never been with anyone even half as slutty as I am, how I need to fuck all the time and he loves it, and how he needs to share me with other men because I need to fuck so much. And he starts handling my breasts as he says all this, and tells me that when he plays with my breasts I turn into such a slut that I would fuck anyone or do anything he said.

Which maybe is true, because I completely lose control when he is playing with my breasts. I can’t see straight, I can’t stop my hips from grinding against him, I can’t stop from moaning and begging.

After he fucks me for a while, I reallyreally need a drink of water. The dry, smoky air here right now isn’t helping. I ask if I can get a drink.

“You want a drink? Right now? Wow, that’s a bit of a mood killer, isn’t it, little girl?”

“Please Daddy. I really need a drink.”

He’s silent for a minute. I wait, perched on top of him.

“Fine. Go get some water. But you have to crawl to the bathroom to get it.”

My mind whirls. He’s never made me crawl before. How humiliating. Maybe I don’t need water so much. I hesitate.

“You’re going to go get the water. Do it now.”

I climb off of him and slowly crawl into the bathroom. He watches me the whole way.

As I fill the water bottle, I realize that he didn’t tell me to crawl BACK. For a moment, I play with the idea of walking back. But then I think that maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea. So I crawl back, holding onto the bottle with one hand.

He grabs me by the hair and pulls me back into the bed, where he fucks me for hours, taunting me with how wet I am and making me cum so hard that every touch of his sends jolts through me for over an hour afterward.

Today I don’t feel like a princess. Today I’m back to thinking that I am a big-time pervert. But I’m a very turned-on pervert. This will take some processing.

October 17, 2007

Sterner Stuff

Filed under: D/s, BDSM, Sexy Pictures, Daily Life, Amy Pictures — Richard @ 10:43 pm

Amy’s Ass in White Panties

Amy’s ass, no doubt in need of a good sound over the knee spanking.


Amy tells me I’m changing, that I’m becoming sterner and stricter with her. I’m not really aware of this, until she points things out to me that she has observed. So much of this I just do, and then once it is done it’s out of mind, and then of course forgotten.


A couple of days ago, in a parking lot, Amy got a little sassy. She dodges away from me, hiding her ass and giggling, so I can’t spank her. I tell her to put both hands on a car, which she immediately does. Good girl. I give her a quick swat - the spanking isn’t the point here, it’s making her obey and take her discipline.

Interestingly, I don’t feel any basic difference, but I do feel more interested in taking Amy in hand. I don’t feel like I’m becoming more dominant, I feel more interested in keeping Amy aware of my ownership and control.

It has become quite natural to take away certain decisions from Amy that I wouldn’t have dreamed of taking a few months ago, but that is the way our relationship is evolving. I don’t think I would have noticed it, except that Amy points it out.

For example, I will make her sleep at the foot of the bed without giving it much thought, whereas a few months ago it felt unusual, and even edgy. And yet it is now, that I’m more used to it, that it feels very sexy and satisfying to do it. I smack her ass pretty much all day long, any time it is within reach, just to enjoy the feel of it, which wouldn’t have occurred to me a few months ago.

A natural evolution, it seems, and one that has gone almost unnoticed by me, but not, apparently, by Amy.

October 16, 2007

Sugasm # 101

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October 10, 2007

Animal sex

Filed under: Sexy Pictures, Hot sex, Kinky Sex, Amy Pictures — Amy @ 9:21 am

twentyfourseven_4081c.jpgHe is feeling aggressive these days. His eyes follow me as I cross a room, watching me like a predator watches its next meal. He is impatient if I take too long to come to him when he calls. He wants me near him, so that he can reach out and touch my breast or feel my hair or pull me even closer.When we are in bed together, he pulls me into him and rolls me whichever way it is he wants me. If I am slow in responding, he growls and pulls me more roughly. Sometimes he wants my head on his shoulder, my belly and legs long against his side, one leg thrown across his. Other times he wants me on my side, with my ass tucked into him, my wrists in his firm grip. My arms are wrapped around myself and I feel like a small bundle, unable to move easily until he wills it. When he wishes he unwraps me, either to re-position me or to open me up and play with me.He plays with me like a cat plays with a mouse. From a dead sleep I am rolled onto my back and only vaguely aware of the first few nibbles and pinches. I awaken as his attention to my breasts becomes more persistent. He is playing with them intently, watching them move as he bats at them, seeing the nipples harden and elongate as he tugs. He leans over to taste them and then suckles harder, occasionally nipping as he does.I moan and he looks up, delighted that I am now awake. He rises over me, looking down on me with unconcealed lust. His hand roams over me, brushing the hair from my face, caressing and briefly gripping my neck, running along my breasts and down my belly, into my fur, my soft wetness. He plays with me there. My hips start to move of their own accord, slowly at first and then arching up to meet him.I make little sounds when he plays with me, he tells me. Small moans and squeaks and purrs. He knows that if he continues this way, I will soon be adding whispers and pleas to the sounds. Garbled, but clear to him: fuck me, pleaseplease fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me now. Please.Before he will fuck me, he makes me cum for him. He tells me I can’t have it (”I want it. Please. Fuck me. I need it. Please”) until I cum. He tells me this, he taunts me with it, as he brings me closer and closer to the edge. As he brings me there, his hands and mouth on me are rougher and rougher. I can’t think, I don’t even know I have a brain, all I know is handsmouthsweetpaingodtouchohohoh. I cum, I am racked, I shake, I gasp, I cry out and he is in me fucking me and it is goodgoodgoodsogood. He is deep in me and filling me and there is wet and slick and grinding against me and pushing and I arch to meet him and he cums and shudders and cries out and falls onto me, sweat-slicked and chest against mine. Mine. My man.Later I find small marks on my breasts and my neck. I love them, they are his marks on me. Marks of ownership. I am his.He did not escape unscathed. Both shoulders have yellowing bruises where I bit down. One time he counted more than a dozen, from different encounters. I don’t know that I do it when I do, I am always shocked afterward, when we are in the shower or I see him dressing. I trace them and the animal in me remembers, looks at them through half-hooded eyes.

Sugasm # 100

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October 6, 2007

Not so much a BSDM club, more a public sex club

Filed under: D/s, Hot sex, Kinky Sex, Daily Life, Road Trips — Amy @ 6:05 pm


We went to PowerExchange in San Francisco last Saturday night, the day before the Folsom Street Fair.

We’d spent the day cruising around San Francisco in a convertible which OMIGOD is the way to sightsee! I can’t believe how much more of the city I saw than I ever have before.

PowerExchange doesn’t open until 10 pm and around 8, after a great Italian dinner, I wasn’t sure how I was going to stay awake until then. Even an espresso doppio, drunk in an outdoor cafe while people-watching, didn’t help.

But I survived. We got there at 10:30, after me changing from jeans and a sweater into a mini-dress and heels in the back of the car (not a BIG car).

We went in, and first went through the main floor, which was pretty standard - a shop in which you could buy kinky clothes and floggers, etc, a “bar” without any alcohol, music playing, etc. Very few people were there yet.

We went down into the basement and there was a lot more going on. It was set up as series of rooms off of a main room, with several kinds of spanking benches, a St. Andrew’s cross, etc. There were a few people playing, but a lot more people wandering around looking. This was typical in the LA clubs we’ve been to, as well. The difference here is that the people wandering around were mainly men, mainly naked men. Mainly naked men who were masturbating, many of whom seemed intent upon rubbing up against me or any other nearby woman. I understood at that point why they had set up the third floor, where we went next.

Only couples and single women are allowed on the third floor. It costs more to go there too. Oh, and the couples have to stay together, I guess so that a guy doesn’t ask a woman to come with him so he can get up there and prowl around.

When we first went up almost noone was there. We looked in each of the side rooms, one was a kind of medieval theme with a couple of throne-type chairs and a big table. Another room had a giant bed. Another had a spanking bench and a couch and a smaller (queen size, I think) bed. Another had a pole for pole dancing! The big central room had lots of couchs and beds around the outside. Oh, and the bathroom was for men AND women! That was a little odd, I thought.

We sat on a couch for a bit and snuggled. Richard had been very quiet for most of the day, and I was feeling a little worried about it. It wasn’t just that he was quiet, he seemed more…distant than usual, more disconnected from me. We don’t usually spend two full days without any alone time (except when we went to bed at night) and I think it was affecting both of us.

In my vanilla days, I would have wanted to talk about it: how are you feeling? are you angry? are you upset about anything? But here we were at a BDSM club, and here I was with my Master and Owner. So instead I said “I really love spanking benches. Would you spank me please, Daddy?”

“You want a spanking, little girl? You know there are people around. You want them to see me spank you?”

No, I did not. I did not want to be spanked in front of anyone. But I wanted to feel connected with him again, and I hoped that would do it. So I said “Yes please.”

So he took me by the hand and walked me to the spanking bench and got me settled on it. I let my hair fall over my face so I wouldn’t see if anyone came in.

Richard pulled my dress up over my ass and pulled my panties down and rubbed my ass and my legs until I wiggled. Then he started to spank me.

It was such a wonderful combination, feeling very comfortable on the padded bench and feeling the stinging of the spanking.

Occasionally he would stop and rub my ass again and nuzzle my ear and I would hear people moving through the room.

After a while, he pulled up my panties and pulled down my dress and helped me stand up from the bench. I felt very quiet and shy and submissive - I think this is what people refer to as “sub space” (had to think for a minute; the first thing that came to mind was “sub torpor” - uh, no).

He brought me over to the couch and we sat and talked quietly and he petted me. Another couple came in and lay down on the bed. After kissing and making out for a few minutes, he pulled off her panties and went down on her. She started moaning “Oh yeah, oh that’s good, oh do it to me Daddy.”

I was a little surprised that they were totally going for it right in front of us, but it was interesting. After a while, they got up and wandered out into the main room. We got up a few minutes later and did the same; I think we would have fallen asleep if we had stayed there.

The main room had picked up while we were inside. There were several couples in various stages of foreplay or out-and-out fucking in the beds along the edge of the room. Other couples were walking around the room and would stop and watch at different beds.

One guy was getting a blowjob from a girl, and he was very interested in seeing who was watching them. He kept looking over his shoulder to see who was there, and finally turned her around so he could see better. We noticed that he lost his erection whenever people weren’t looking. Now THAT’S an exhibitionist.

People all around us were fucking and that’s when I realized: I am TOTALLY not vanilla anymore. The vanilla sex was boring to me. I kept wanting one of them to swat his partner on the ass, or grab her by the neck, or SOMETHING for god’s sake. To make it interesting. Because just watching them fuck, while it was clearly doing it for the couples that were wandering from bed to bed watching, was not doing anything for me. Richard said he felt the same way.

We got up and wandered around the club again, to see what was going on on the other floors and in the other rooms. What was going on was lots of sex, but almost exclusively vanilla sex.

In one room, there were two couples having sex. One guy was fucking a woman from behind, while another woman played with her breasts. The first woman reached over and started playing with the second woman’s pussy. The second woman’s partner was fondling her breasts and kissing her and mainly watching what was happening.

Richard walked me back to our couch, holding onto my wrist as we went. We sat down and just watched all the sex happening around us. He was quietly rubbing my shoulder and dragging a finger along my neck and the side of my face. He rubbed the back of my neck, then wound his fingers through my hair. Suddenly he tightened his hold on my hair and pulled my head back until my neck was straining.

I looked up at him, startled. His eyes looked eery in the blacklight, like a demon or a vampire. He stared down at me as he traced my lips and my chin and then down to my chest and along my bra. He leaned over, not releasing his hold, and nibbled along my jaw and to my lips. He bit down on my lip and I reflexively pulled away.

Not a good idea. He pulled back harder on my hair, so hard that I had to strain to stay upright. He bit my lip again, harder. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, realizing that he was in no mood for me to fight him. Something had made him aggressive, I didn’t know what, and I was going to have to ride it out.

He continued to hold my head back with his hand in my hair, releasing it at one point only to change his hold. He slowly, gently dragged the tips of his fingers along my face and neck, dipping occasionally into the neckline of my low-cut dress.

My heart started to race, thinking of all the people watching everything that was happening in the room. I didn’t want them to see my breasts. But Richard didn’t care. His fingers would move away from my breasts and I would start to relax. Then his grip would tighten in my hair and his teeth would find the side of my neck or my cheek and I would clench. He would nuzzle me for a bit and loosen his hold and I would relax again. And then he would pull my hair back even farther, so that the whole expanse of my neck and chest were exposed, and push aside my bra with his fingers and pinch and tease my nipples. It was such an incredible juxtaposition of sensations: the brief, sharp pain of being bitten, the dull ache of having my head held back, the exquisite feeling of my breasts being tugged and pinched that made a direct connection to my throbbing, soaking wet cunt. And over it all, the feeling of being completed owned and dominated.

It went on for an eternity. I felt incredibly awkward and shy, yet at the same time more excited and aroused than I think I have ever been. The next day, when we were talking about it and began to fuck, I came harder and longer than I can ever remember. Does that make me an exhibitionist?

Now I’m going to go make dinner for the family - homemade chicken enchiladas. It’s getting cooler here, so I can use the oven again. I’m going to be baking bread this weekend too. It was wonderful going away on such an adventure, but it’s also really nice to be home again.


October 3, 2007

Folsom Street Fair

Filed under: D/s, Sexy Pictures, Hot sex, Road Trips — Richard @ 11:39 am


Folsom street fair

These are a few of our shots from the Folsom street fair. Here, you see a dancer in a cage suspended from a crane which swung him out over the crowd.


You can see how energetic he was - lots of fun watching him dance. A woman had a turn in the cage before him, but I didn’t get there soon enough to get a shot of her, as I paused on the way to get a shot of this guy:


A great full body rubber outfit, although must have been rough when he ventured out into the full sunlight


These three guys were obliging enough to strike a pose for me. The whole event is full of people thrilled to be seen and have their pictures taken, so it’s a lot of fun - and no matter how outrageously dressed someone was, they always seemed to have their own camera to take their own pictures.


Another playful trio posing for the camera. Lots of nudity at the event as well, largely male. My favorite was a guy walking around naked except for a pair of Uggs.


Furries, plushies, and even pony girls like the one below:


A lot going on, and lots more to talk about - this was a remarkable weekend for us in many ways, and there will be a lot of discussion of what went on.

San Francisco, the Folsom Street Fair & My Big Mouth

Filed under: D/s, BDSM, Hot sex, Kinky Sex, Road Trips — Amy @ 12:24 am


We are back from San Francisco and the Folsom Street Fair.

I am so sore that I’m having trouble walking and I’m absolutely exhausted.

What a great trip!

First of all, seeing Megan was incredible. She is the second person that I have met after becoming friends on-line (Richard being the first) and she is exactly the person that she seemed to be on-line. Only more 3D, of course. I am batting a thousand - I met both my husband and my best friend on-line. Talk about lucky.

We spent the first day with her and her Master, not doing much of anything, mainly recovering from the looooong drive up (mainly long because we drove a large part of the journey on the Pacific Coast Highway and Richard wanted to stop every five miles to take pictures of seascapes and seals and rocks and…).

It was eye-opening to watch another D/s couple interact. He is much, much stricter than Richard. She was in chains when we got there, and she never sat on the furniture (so I didn’t either, to keep her company) and when she left the room she would walk backwards out of it, so as not to turn her back on him.

I was very bad and teased her about things that I knew she didn’t like. This back-fired occasionally, unfortunately. She brought out this GIANT buttplug that he’d just bought and I said “How could you even fit that in your MOUTH, much less your ass?”

She looked at me with big eyes and said “I can’t believe you just said that.”

Her Master said “Yes, Megan, let’s see if you can fit that in your mouth.”

Which she could.

And then she said “Now let’s see if you could fit it in YOUR mouth, Miss Amy.”

And Richard said “Yes, let’s see.”

It kinda freaked me out to be putting someone else’s buttplug in my mouth (understatement) and I tried three or four times but couldn’t get it all in without gagging horribly.

But there is no way something that size could fit in my ass. No way. I don’t know how people do that.

After a couple of interactions like that, Richard pointed out that I probably should try filtering a bit more when I’m around other D/s couples. Which I tried to do, with mixed success.

On our last day, when we were at the Folsom Street Fair (will post later about this, and Richard has some awesome photos), Richard was off photographing people and Megan, her Master and I were walking along. Actually, he was leading, holding onto Megan’s hand, and I was trailing along with my fingers hooked into the belt of Megan’s schoolgirl skirt.

I saw a tattoo and piercing tent and said “Look Megan! We can get clit piercings!”

Her Master turned around and said “That’s a great idea. Have you and Richard talked about that?”

Megan said “Way to go Amy!”

Hooboy. I was scared. I said “Weeeellll. We’ve talked about it a little bit.”

He said “Maybe we could get a deal if we got two done at the same time.”

I said “Weeeellll. I dunno.”

He said “Why am I talking to you about this? I need to talk to the boss.” And he headed off to find Richard, with us in tow.

Richard came striding toward us, grinning, with his camera in his hand. He was so happy that day. I don’t think he stopped for even one second. It was really, really hard to keep track of him and stay with Megan and her Master. I got scolded by him a couple of times for being bossy, when I tried to get him to move along when they were waiting for us.

Richard said “Not today” to my relief. Later he told me that he did not think that piercings or tattoos were appropriate for me at all. Whew.

We walked over to the tent and Megan’s Master talked to the piercing people and they took her into a back tent and pierced her clit while he took photos.

I got really shaken up while we were waiting for them because I felt like it was my fault that Megan was going to be in pain now. Me and my big mouth. I started crying.

Richard reminded me *again* that I needed to be more careful what I said when we were with D/s couples, but said that her clit-piercing wasn’t my fault. They have a different dynamic than we do, and most importantly Megan is a big-time pain slut. She probably wanted this.

She came out from the tent and was a bit shaky, so we went and had Indian food and watched the fair-goers for a while. I kept my sunglasses on even though we were inside because I was afraid I would start crying again. I felt like she wasn’t going to want to be my friend if I kept saying stupid stuff that got her into trouble.

Megan realized I was upset when I tried to answer a question and my voice was wobbly. They were both really sweet to me then, and explained that they had been talking about this for a few weeks, and 30 minutes before she had asked if they were going to do it that day. So I felt like a newbie idjit but also relieved.

We got home yesterday, and today I asked Richard if we could please order a ballgag, which we did. I hope it helps.

Gosh, I have so much to post about - a wild new club, the Folsom Street Fair, a bunch of leather shops, and spending several days with another D/s couple and my sweet Megan! I’ve had several new realizations about myself and about us as a D/s couple that will take some time to write about. More later!

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