Pictures and stories from of a real life 24.7 D/s couple. Richard and Amy explore bdsm, daily life, and each other, from both sides of the relationship.

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January 25, 2008

Predawn spanking, after an early morning California rain

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I awoke in the morning, just the two of us at home.

Predawn, the sky still dark, no signs of any light, and the California rain still damp on the windows.

I rolled up against Amy in the dark, wrapped my arms around her, and lay quietly. She shifted.

I told her to lie still, and I gripped her wrists firmly in my hands, hugging her arms to her like an Egyptian mummy, crossed over her breasts.

Obedience came hard to her this morning, and she continued to move, testing her bonds, trying to wriggle her wrists free.

I rolled her onto her belly and pulled back the duvet, and spanked her hard, a half dozen times, with her delicate voice giving a shocked and unhappy cry after each impact.

“Be still,” I told her.

She could not.

I spanked her again, briefly, with the same little protestations of surprise, and held her again, telling her to be quiet and rest.

To no avail.

A third spanking, and then she stopped struggling, and requested a moment to stretch her arms.


The she settled in her back against my chest, her wrists held firm by my right hand, as my left roamed over her body. I stayed away from her most sensitive places, just lightly stroking her tummy, her hips, down below her navel, down farther, getting closed until I slip my hand out over her thigh just before I touch a zone certain to keep her from sleeping.

I pull her wrists together up to her face, letting her breasts spill out from under her crossed arms, and run fingertips along the soft undersides of her breasts.

We lie like this together for some time, she in my arms, my hand stroking her. A half hour, an hour, who knows?

Dawn came.

My girl made little noises, half whimpers, still groggy from the night but getting more awake with the shortening shadows.

I found her nipples.

With her wrists locked, she could just beg, as I played with and teased her nipples. Eventually, she begged to masturbate.


But no coming. I enjoyed her desire, and toyed with the thought of having her aroused all day. I balance that with my pleasure in having her orgasm. Two pleasures, both wonderful. Which one did I want more today? Too soon to tell.

She continues to beg. She is so cute, so anxious to cum, while I toy with her nipples, and amuse myself with the need of her body. There can be few pleasures as great as being entirely satisfied, lying with someone so desperate for satisfaction.

I tell her I will count to ten, and then she can come.

I count.

At ten, she cums.

Good girl.

I let her body stop shaking, let the convulsions swindle to just and echo, and then I take her myself, fuck her tired and limp body, for my pleasure, this fucking, not hers, though she is welcome to enjoy it any way she chooses. Or not.

I cum in her as I choose, when I am ready, and she lies quiet and gasping under me, the clouded light of the early morning pure and bright in her eyes.

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