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March 5, 2008

Twenty Minutes

Filed under: Hot sex, Daily Life — Richard @ 1:11 am


It’s not all dried parsley and chuck roast around here.

Megan’s arrival has meant a little shuffling around while we get a more permanent setup roomwise, which will be in place tomorrow. In the meantime, our son has spent a night or two in our room.

You can see the complications, I am sure.

Last night we snuck out for a little non conversation.

Today, Amy needed a nap. I agreed to go up to the bedroom and sit with her, but not to nap because she’d never wake up in time otherwise.

Turns out Amy was not really interested in a nap.

She wanted more of the night before. We had twenty minutes before she had to get up. I pointed out that there wasn’t time. We never play for less than twenty minutes. This would be a major quickie.

So we hit the ground running. Fuck like bunnies for a couple of heartbeats, then make Amy masturbate to orgasm, and then finish her off with gusto.  I figured we set a record for speed - it felt like five minutes max.

I grabbed the alarm clock and looked at the elapsed time.

Nineteen minutes.

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