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July 9, 2009

Orgasms and Megan

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Long-time readers of our blog know that my friend Megan, who had a huge impact on my blossoming as a sexual submissive, now lives far away from us with her wonderful, evil Master.  I have missed her like crazy and have been counting the minutes until we saw her this summer. We just left after spending four nights with her and her Master.  I was in seventh heaven and, as usual when I am with Megan, learned a lot about being submissive and being myself.

She and Robert (her Master) pulled up to where we were staying and I ran over to their car.  Robert got out first and I said “hi!” and hopped up and down waiting for Megan to get out.  Then I realized she was waiting for Robert to let her out of the car, like Richard makes me do.  So I gave Robert a big hug and waited for him to go around and open the door for Megan.

The first thing I saw was a tanned foot in a 3-inch beaded sandal, with red toenails and toe rings.  Followed by a long, shapely, tanned leg.  And then another.  Then a tall, gorgeous blond with a tiny little dress unfolded from the car.  Perfectly styled hair, knockout make-up, and of course the trademark killer body.  Wow!

Megan has always been jaw-droppingly gorgeous.   But she had entered a new realm of beautiful.  And the most beautiful thing was her face, because she was glowing.  Just radiating love, happiness, self-confidence.

I don’t think I stopped hugging her for an hour.

We stayed up talking for hours.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about her Master (I keep starting to say “new Master” but of course he’s not; they’ve been together for over a year now.)  I told Megan that of course I would always care about whoever her partner was, but Robert is someone I would want to be friends with even if they weren’t together.  He is really smart and has a terrific sense of humor – my two top priorities for friends and partners.  He also makes it really clear how much he loves my Megan.  He is very attentive and affectionate; he does something that I think must be very hard to do, which is to treat her with complete respect but also demand her utter obedience.

At one point I mentioned that I had bought Richard a whip for Father’s Day (what was I thinking?) and I asked if he knew how to use a whip.  He said “No, I don’t.  But that makes it hotter, doesn’t it?”  !!!!  That could have come out of Richard’s mouth!  I was almost too startled by the similarity to laugh.

I can’t remember whether it was that night or the next morning that Megan told us that she hadn’t had an orgasm in a year.  I stared at her with my mouth open, I actually thought she was teasing me at first (she does that a LOT).  When I wrote about my three day orgasm denial, which I thought might kill me, I had almost written about a conversation Megan and I had the year before.  We had agreed that orgasm denial was completely NotHot, and we couldn’t imagine any woman ever agreeing to it.  It was a hard limit for her.

So.  What the heck?  How could my sweet little cumslut friend not have cum for an entire year, and be sitting across from me looking like the cat that ate the canary?  How could she be glowing with happiness and satisfaction after a year of being deprived of orgasms?

Richard’s response was worrying.  He thought this was just awesome.  He was grinning from ear to ear as we listened to her story.  At first, Robert enjoyed making her cum, over and over and over.  Which was sexy and exhausting.  Then he started telling her she could only cum if she did before he did.  Which she managed to do, until he started messing with her, stopping just as she was on the edge and then orgasming quickly himself before she could regroup.  I remember her telling me about this at the time, and how hot and desperate and submissive it made her feel.  THEN he told her that it was making her too focused on her own pleasure and not enough on his, so…no more orgasms for her.  Period.

Megan said “I love it!  This is really perfect for me.  I am getting fucked deliciously all the time, and I’m not worrying about whether or not I will cum, because I won’t.”  She added with a grin “But maybe he’s just brainwashed me into thinking this.”  She was tucked under his arm as she told the story and at this point she looked up at him and he looked at her and there was so much love between them, I’m tearing up right now thinking about it.

Of course we talked about this on and off over the next few days, in between talking about her job and our kids and her and Robert’s future plans and more kinky stuff, like the strip clubs they go to (more on this in a later post; we visited one with them and it was a blast) and their evolving polyamorous relationship, and Second Life and on-line role-play, and on being D/s while dealing with migraines, and on and on (more on all of these later too).

When I talked to Richard about Megan’s orgasm-free existence, he said “The right tools for the right job.”  He said it made perfect sense to him that this was exactly the right thing for Megan and he pointed out that you could see it by the results.  Robert says he’s not a details-oriented Dom, he’s a results-oriented Dom.  Another way that he is like Richard.  (I told Megan they are even boring in the same way; they both like Civil War history. *yawn* I got a swat for saying that and Megan got bitten hard when she told Robert I said that.  I said “You didn’t tell him I said it, did you??” And she said, “Yes, and it was worth it!”)

This post is getting way too long, so I will write more later.  I just want to add that, in case it’s not obvious, Robert made this decision carefully and thoughtfully and they are both very happy with it.  Robert says the next step is to make her FAKE orgasms when he is fucking her.  Who could even think of anything that evil?  Well, besides Richard I mean.

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