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July 2, 2009

Jorja on Second Life

Filed under: Daily Life — Amy @ 2:20 pm

My time on Second Life with Amy and Richard has been thrilling to say the least. There are many situations that I have been put in–some fun, some, sexy, some scary, etc.

In one of her posts, Amy spoke of a wonderful place called Kingdom of Sand. To sum it up as fast as I can, KOS is a simulation role play area set in ancient Arabian times. You have a choice between being a slaver, a slave, or a knight. There are other roles in KOS, (Like undead, magi, citizen, djinn, bedouin) but the three I first listed are the ones I spend most of my role playing around with.

Amy and I are both slaves/prey in KOS. My first week was spent learning how to run, jump and hide from slavers. Fun times, I tell you, fun times. Being able to run around the sand without fear of being caught gave me a chance to look around without having to constantly look over my shoulder.

My first day as an official prey was exciting. I ran around and was chased, but was not captured for a few hours. Yay! I was pretty proud of myself.

Then an undead started to stalk me!!  Let me tell you about undeads. They are creatures who do horrific things to the prey that they catch. Like eat them! Or cut up their bodies and put them in jars! I’m not kidding, I’ve spoken to a poor slave who had it happen to her.

Being captured by an undead was not on my list of things to do. It was out of my hands when one started to hunt me, though.

I first noticed my stalker after he jumped from a roof top and trapped me in a tower. He was so scary. His face was rotting off, he was bleeding from his his nose and eyes. He had green stuff on his skin, which I assume was gangrene. He scared me. I screamed aloud and tried to get away, but he was blocking the only entrance. I kept jumping up over and over again to see if I could make it over him, but I kept hitting my head on the damn tower roof.

When I could not find a way around him, I begged Amy to save me. I typed in a private message to her “TP ME!!!!!!!” So she did. Yeah, we cheated, but you would have cheated if you were an innocent KOS virgin and someone who wanted to stuff you into a jar had you trapped in a tower!  (FYI, ‘TP’ means teleport. One SL user can TP another SL to thier location at anytime)

Whew. So once I was back in safe spot I rested for a bit and then decided to make a run for it. I really am a glutton for punishment. I ran toward the cafe which is a dance hall for slaves to entertain slavers. On my map I could see several people chasing me. I didn’t know who they were, but it made my blood pump and my skin sweat. I made it to the cafe, yay! A safe spot where I cannot be captured.

Right after I arrived I received an private message from Amy, she was laughing. Turns out that Richard was in the cafe when I arrived, and he told her that I flew through the air, and then smashed into a wall. Hehe. That happens to me pretty often. It’s a wonder I stayed free as long as I did, because my sense of direction and control of my avi was not too good at that time. As a matter of fact, it’s still not good.

I was eventually captured by that undead. Holy hell, I was scared! The first thing I said to him was “Please don’t eat me.” He told me to shut up or else he would. So I shut up.

On our way to wherever he was taking me we ran into a pretty lady knight. Knights are members of KOS who can fight for or pay for the release of a slave. She offered to pay the undead 100 dinar for me, and he accepted. Whew!

All in all, my capture with the undead was rather anti-climatic. Once we ran into the knight and I saw that the undead was going to sell me to her I knew it was all going to be alright, the thrill of the unknown was taken away.

My next capture was not even a real one. I was standing in a safe zone and was bumped by a slaver. Even though she did not bump me out of the safe zone, a glitch in the KOS system allowed her to capture me. By the way, I didn’t even notice her running into me because I was busy chatting with Amy–as usual, LOL.  Since she did not catch me outside of a safe zone she said she would let free me, sell me, auction me off, whatever I wanted. I was excited to role play so I asked her to keep me for a bit.

After we got to camp, my lady owner and Richard started to plot. They told us to follow them to the ocean shore. Once there we were instructed to take off our clothes and  get into the water. After doing what we were forced to bathe each other. *Wicked grin*
Amy washed my hair and back. Sooo nice. However, before I had the chance to wash her we were told to get out of the water and go back to camp. It turns out that a couple of undeads were watching from a hill. Ewwww.  Once back at camp I told told to braid Amy’s hair. Wheee, fun!

After a few days my Mistress decided to sell me. To Richard!  It took me less than 24 hours to disobey him. Eeek.

We were dancing at the cafe, and Richard said that he had to go somewhere. He said to keep dancing. After a while I left the cafe and went to the market with Amy. She was showing someone how to get there, and I didn’t want her to walk alone with a stranger. Um, we should not have left the cafe.

Master was not pleased.

Richard isn’t someone you disobey.

Now, Amy and I argue over who is responsible for the whipping we both got. I take responsibility because I for sure knew about not being able to leave the cafe, whereas she was not aware of those instructions. Amy feels responsible because she is the senior slave, so it is her job to make sure I follow the rules.

Whatever the case, we both had to remove our clothes and we each received way more than the 3 strikes of the whip we were told we were getting. He really is a bad man! We had to count each strike of the whip while the other was being punished.

Amy and I cried and held each other as best as we could, but we were each in separate cages, so all of our holding had to be done through the bars. The worst thing about the whipping was the sound! Richards whip is equipped with a horrifying cracking/snapping sound every time he whipped it at us. I can still hear it!

It’s sooooo fun being chain sisters with Amy. Most of the time we get to the dance and play. She is sneaky, though. One time she totally ratted on me! What happened was that I was in the mood to be frisky, so I pushed her into a tent and fondled her. Nothing major. She has an incredible body, I wanted to play with it is all.
Well, she tattled on me! She says to Richard, “Master, Jorja was mean to me, blah blah blah.” Trying to get me into trouble. The wench!

I thought I was going to be in trouble, but Master turned the tables on us and asked me if I liked being mean. I admitted it was fun to be mean, but I wasn’t really being mean. I just wanted to touch my pretty sister slave.

I was then told I could give Amy a back rub. *grin*

Not that she deserved to have a back rub after trying to get me into trouble with Master, but hey, any excuse to touch a half naked Amy is never something I’m going to turn down.  We were told to go into one of the tents while I gave Amy her massage. Once we were in there she was trying to wrestle with me instead of letting me massage her. Master has eyes and ears everywhere, and told her that I would be instructed to bite her if she didn’t settle down. I forget what she did or said, but the next words out of Masters mouth were “Jorja, bite Amy’s nipple.”

So I did. Twice.

She then accused me of biting so hard they would fall off. She liked it, though.


  1. Bad girl! And you didn’t tell them about me being your Domme. Hehe.

    Comment by Amy — July 3, 2009 @ 8:11 am

  2. Seriously, I don’t understand why anyone would ever disobey me. I’m so reasonable.

    But I greatly enjoyed whipping the two of you.

    And some of the finest moments on SL are watching the two of you try to push the other unawares into water, whenever the opportunity arises.

    Really liked seeing your side of some of the adventures we’ve shared!

    Comment by Richard — July 3, 2009 @ 12:25 pm

  3. LOL, Amy, that post is for another day, hehe.

    Hi Richard *waves*. I love seeing you and Amy interact on SL. It’s a glimpse for me into your real world, it really makes your blog come alive for me.

    Comment by Jorja — July 4, 2009 @ 7:04 am

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