Pictures and stories from of a real life 24.7 D/s couple. Richard and Amy explore bdsm, daily life, and each other, from both sides of the relationship.

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July 3, 2008

Careful what you wish for

Filed under: Daily Life — Amy @ 7:44 am


Richard teases me all the time. Well, okay, I tease him too. Like a couple of mornings ago, when he chased me into the bathroom (I don’t remember why) and I locked myself into the stall. He happily went about brushing his teeth and washing his face then leaned against the counter and waited.

I was in the stall, giggling but nervous. After a couple of minutes I said “Daddy, may I please come out?”

“Of course you can come out, little girl.”

“Um. You’re not going to spank me, right?”

“Oh, now you want TWO things?”

Evil man. Anyway, when I said “Now we’re even” (see Richard’s post a couple of days ago) I wasn’t trying to be bratty or really even stir things up, I was just teasing. I don’t like it when Richard makes me take more of food or drink that we’re sharing so, yes, I will admit that I sometimes attempt to subvert his commands at those times. When I took the bite, as requested, I opened my mouth really, really big, but then bit down a small bite. Teasing. But saying “now we’re even” - that wasn’t a great idea. Nothing happened then - we were in a public place - but I could see that I’d gotten Richard thinking. It’s not a good idea to get Richard thinking.

So the next morning we were snuggling in bed and languidly talking about the day. We are both working on big projects now, which is a whole ‘nother post. I said something about the (child-less) week going by without us “playing”. I got kind of pouty and said something along the lines of “we NEVER play anymore”. Which was foolish.

Richard sat up suddenly and said “Oh really. We NEVER play, do we?” Then he pulled me close to him and started playing with my breasts *very roughly*. It hurt, it didn’t feel good.

I squealed and tried to pull away, realizing too late that I should BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, as Denise said a couple of posts ago.

After a minute of me squealing and trying to pull away and babbling that it hurt, it hurt, Richard grabbed me by the hair HARD and pushed my mouth onto his cock. He kept shoving me onto it so hard and so deeply that I was choking. I thought for a minute that I might throw up, but he didn’t stop. I gagged and coughed and he would pull me up by the hair and then shove me back down until I started choking again. And he was holding onto my hair SO HARD it HURT. I tried to pull away but he growled and held me down. Every once in a while he would say “Really? We don’t play at all, do we?”

Then he flipped me onto my belly and said, in a deep, scary voice “Get your ass in the air” and yanked me up by the hips. He shoved into me so hard he grunted each time he thrust. But at least this felt good. Except then he started smacking me HARD on the ass between thrusts, so hard I squealed and pulled away. But that didn’t do any good. He had a strong hold on my hips and just pulled me closer.

Things continued, as they do, with me alternately feeling scared and insanely well-fucked. And they ended with a blistering orgasm for both of us, and me feeling very submissive and also very silly for saying that we never play.

It’s true that we don’t do those hours-long spanking/whipping/torturing sessions that other D/s couples seem to do. But a) we’re awfully busy to fit that in, and b) that’s not really Richard’s “thing” (probably not mine either, as I’m not a pain slut, but I don’t know because I’ve never “scened”). And honestly, we play all day long every day. Richard teases me, I tease back, he leans me over the sink and gives me a quick smack on the ass. It’s all good, all the time.

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