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July 14, 2008

My first flogging, Part I

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Yesterday I spent a lot of time on Fetlife and reading blogs. Which I really shouldn’t have been doing, because there are lots of things that need to be done around the house and I also have a big project due on Thursday. Nonetheless, there I was, and it made me a bit squirmy, reading about others’ relationships and play, etc. Before I had a chance to think too much about it, I sat down on the couch next to Richard and said “Daddy, would you please spank me?”

He looked up from some pictures he was working on and said “Really? You really want me to spank you?” I said I did, we talked about it for a minute (I think he was trying to figure out what it was I wanted exactly) and then he suggested that he flog me instead.

Richard bought a flogger about a year ago and he had used it on me for a few minutes then, just to show me how it felt, but we had never really had a “session” with it. He decided that we needed special music and downloaded (had to open iTunes to check; this is not a misspelling) Delerium, which he says is good music to flog to (okay that sounds really funny to me). He had me set up the speakers. Then he told me to find the handcuffs and the flogger.

It all felt a bit odd to me. Remember that I am a newbie; my relationship with Richard is my first experience with BDSM and we have never done any “scenes” or much playing at all. So it felt strange to be calmly helping Richard set up the bedroom so that he could FLOG me, for goodness sake. Very calm and business-like, not like when he grabs me and molests me or swats me when I’m sassy.

Anyway. I sat on the side of the bed while he set things up. He looked over at me and casually said “Take off your clothes”. So I did. Then he picked up one of my sarongs and blindfolded me with it, and put on my handcuffs and laid me across a couple of pillows. He checked to make sure I was comfortable and explained that he didn’t want any discomfort to interfere with the sensations I was feeling, so he wanted me to tell him if I became uncomfortable. I was feeling very quiet and submissive from being blindfolded and handcuffed so I murmured “Yes sir” very quietly.

He turned on the music, which is very…rhythmic, moody, pulsing…oh, Richard says Delerium is techno dance music. He started by rubbing me, softly but firmly, starting at my calves and going up my ass and back and shoulders. Then he trailed the flogger over my legs, then over my ass, then over my shoulders and back. He slowly began striking me with the flogger, first gently and slowly, then harder and quicker.

I felt the strikes move up my legs to my ass, lingering there before moving down again. Occasionally he would strike my shoulders a few times, which was always a shock. I would feel the stinging there for longer than on my legs and ass.

Sometimes he would focus on my ass for several minutes at a time. The thudding was almost soothing, although every once in a while it would start to hurt and I would cry out softly and reach for a pillow to hang onto. But it never got so bad that I felt scared. I knew that Richard would not push me too hard, at least not this time. : ) After he had been hitting harder or faster for a bit, he would slow down or move the flogging higher or lower on my body.

Every few minutes he would touch my ankle with one hand or stop and caress my (throbbing) ass. I loved those times. I felt so safe and so loved. He was doing this for ME. I had been a bit concerned that flogging me would bore him, but I made myself let that go and just float with the sensations. Twice I think my mind would start to wander, but I pulled it back again quickly (I have a very active monkey mind; things like meditating and yoga are challenging for me).

When he was flogging me on my upper thighs and ass, and not too hard, sometimes it felt very sexy and I longed for him to touch me. I could feel my thighs spreading and my ass rising to meet his hands, almost without my volition.

Oh, I almost forgot. At one point, one song ended and instead of another beginning, a podcast by one of my colleagues began “Hello, this is Dr. X and today I’d like to talk about ” Omigosh it was so funny. I giggled, and Richard had to stop and skip to the next song. It happened one more time - who knows how the podcasts managed to get mixed in with the Delerium downloads.

At just exactly the perfectly right time, he slowwwwly began dragging the flogger along my ass and legs. He would stop and re-start a second later and each time he did that I felt a jolt, a short little almost-coming. He put down the flogger and rubbed me with his hands for a few minutes, gently soothing my deliciously aching thighs and ass and back, then he removed my handcuffs. He rolled me onto my back and said “Now you need to come for your Daddy” and I did.

I thought he had been flogging me for 20 or 30 minutes, but he told me later that it was an hour. He also told me that after I came, he held me tightly for 30 minutes before he sent me to get ready for bed. I don’t really remember that. When I came back to bed, I snuggled up very tightly to him. He said the rest of the night I stayed very, very close to him. If we separated, I would become restless and he would place a hand firmly on me to settle me. He said I’m always a bit like that at night, but much moreso last night.

I need to stop now and eat dinner. We have just bought a really lovely gas grill (we’ve always used a charcoal grill before, but we grill so often we thought this would be easier) and Richard is making tri-tip and grilled asparagus. I am going to make mojitoes (mojitos?). Tomorrow I will tell you about my first experience with sub-drop. Really.


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